Are you looking for new ideas and projects for your historical archaeology classes? Do you have great teaching ideas that you would like to share with your colleagues?

The Society for Historical Archaeology’s Academic and Professional Training Committee is responsible for the dissemination of knowledge concerning historical archaeology programs, the development of standards for academic and professional training in historical archaeology, and keeping track of historical archaeology programs in schools, colleges, and universities. Teaching and training future archaeologists is one of the most important things we “do” as historical archaeologists. The committee has created an online clearinghouse for syllabi and teaching modules dealing with topics relevant to the teaching historical archaeology. You will find below links to dozens of syllabi on general courses in historical archaeology as well as courses on specific topics that make up the discipline’s many interests. Classes are undergraduate, unless otherwise marked. The college represents the institution where the course was created.

The Committee thanks the contributors so much for sharing their work and experience. If you have syllabi you would like to share please contact:

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Topics include:

Historical Archaeology Surveys
Methods and Theory
African/Diaspora/African American Archaeology
Public Archaeology
Regional Surveys
Biological Anthropology
Sociocultural Anthropology
Special Topics