The Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) was founded in 1967 to unite colleagues studying archaeology of the modern world. As members of the board, we acknowledge the history of our organization was reflective of societal trends that supported institutional exclusionary behavior. Despite this oppressive environment, there were countercurrents and allies who supported each other in their professional aspirations.

Today, we are a society committed to promoting an inclusive and equitable environment that values and respects the diverse experiences, identities, and perspectives of all individuals. We recognize that diversity in all forms, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, religion, and socio-economic background, enhances the richness and depth of our work. Although the landscape is changing, we acknowledge that building a diverse, inclusive and equitable society is an endless process requiring continual self-examination, action, and implementation of board initiatives and member’s actions that uphold this mission.

To this end, the Society for Historical Archaeology and their membership will be dedicated to:

  • Embracing diversity in all forms and treating everyone with respect and dignity without discrimination and bias.
  • Promoting equity by actively working to identify and eliminate barriers to allow for full participation and advancement of our colleagues, particularly those who have been historically marginalized or underrepresented.
  • Creating a culture of belonging, where everyone feels supported, valued, and empowered to contribute their unique talents to the field of archaeology.
  • Continuing to learn and grow, by seeking out diverse perspectives and actively challenging our own biases and assumptions.
  • Growing an inclusive organization that embraces diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and mattering through action.