The Society for Historical Archaeology Awards Committee is pleased to announce its call for nominations for the John L. Cotter Award. Nominators must be SHA members. The Cotter Award is given to historical archaeologists at the start of their careers. They can either be in training as undergraduate or graduate students or within the first five years of their professional careers. The award is given for a single achievement that is truly outstanding in its respective category, but the nature and variety of categories is open. An achievement may be the production of an individual item (e.g., a first book) or a more general category (e.g., building historical archaeology within a local archaeological society). Examples of such achievements include:

  • A first major publication (book, monograph or report);
  • A significant article;
  • Major political work for historical archaeology;
  • An outstanding MA thesis;
  • Publicity for the discipline in the mass media;
  • A major museum exhibit;
  • Significant work for a scholarly organization.

The range and variety of contributions and achievements is fully open, however, and the categories listed above are only obvious examples.

Nominators must fill out theĀ Nomination Form and return it to the Chair of the Awards Committee by June 30th, or earlier. The nominator will work with the Chair in assembling a nomination file which, in turn, must be completed by October 1st. The file will consist of:

  • the nomination form & formal statement of nomination;
  • an up-to-date vita for the nominee;
  • a copy or sample of the specific achievement;
  • supporting materials including summations or different evidence of the achievement and endorsements from secondary nominators.

Note: Secondary nominators are not required but if used they can either add their names to the original nomination statement or they can write separate letters of support. If they write letters, they are to be no longer than two double-spaced typed pages.

Secondary nominators, unlike the primary nominator, do not have to be members of the SHA or even in the field of historical archaeology.

Nominators should work closely with the Chair of the Awards Committee in supplying the above items for completing a nomination file, and this process must be completed by October 1st, at the latest.

To make a nomination, please download theĀ Nomination Form and return the completed form to: Teresita Majewski, Chair, SHA Awards Committee, Statistical Research, Inc., P. O. Box 31865, Tucson, AZ 85751-1865: Phone: 520-721-4309; Fax: 520-298-7044; e-mail: