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All memberships in The Society for Historical Archaeology are for the calendar year (January-December). Historical Archaeology and the SHA Newsletter are issued quarterly-in March, June, October, and December.  Applications postmarked after September 30 will be assigned to the forthcoming calendar year, unless otherwise requested.

Membership Type

Standard members receive the society's journal, Historical Archaeology, and the SHA Newsletter. Individual members also may vote, hold office, serve on committees, and participate in the annual conference at member rates.

Receives standard benefits. You'll need to send a copy of your Student ID or other documentation demonstrating student status with application.

Entitled to regular membership benefits. Need to be retired from remunerative professional career or position.

Entitled to regular membership benefits, plus recognition at the annual meeting.
Receives regular membership benefits, meeting recongnition, and name listed in the newsletter.
Entitled to regular membership benefits, meeting recongnition, name listed in the newsletter, plus name published in the journal.

Please contact the SHA Business Office for details about the lifetime membership, email or call 301-972-9684.

New Professional
Available for two years only within the first five (5) years of employment in historical archaeology; entitled to regular membership benefits.
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