The Society for Historical Archaeology Blog is the hub for SHA Social, our organization’s social media outlet. At this site, both members and non-members are welcome to read, share, and discuss topics posted by the SHA leadership, committees, and membership. These posts will reflect a wide-range of topics, including updates about new journal issues, conference planning, new archaeological resources in public education and technology, and pieces by SHA members about their current research and interests. Please take the time to subscribe to the blog through our RSS feed or via email updates. You can also follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and join our LinkedIn groups for other opportunities to meet archaeologists, discuss current topics, and share interesting, archaeologically related information.

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Commenting Policy

Commenting is an integral part of the SHA Blog, and we encourage members to take part in thoughtful, engaging dialogue with the post authors and other members of the online community. We encourage you all to use your real names, and treat this as an academic space, be that a conference, classroom, or museum. As should be no surprise, this place is “family friendly”: any comment including offensive or derogatory language will be promptly removed. Also, this is not a space for solicitation or advertising: such comments will be considered spam and removed. Additionally, the SHA upholds strong ethical standards relating to their content and to the practice of archaeology. Any post that does not meet these standards will also be removed, in order to maintain an atmosphere that is respectful both to our online community, and to the preservation and protection of our cultural resources. To learn more about SHA’s ethics, please visit this website.

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About SHA

Formed in 1967, the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) is the largest scholarly group concerned with the archaeology of the modern world (A.D. 1400-present). The main focus of the society is the era since the beginning of European exploration. SHA promotes scholarly research and the dissemination of knowledge concerning historical archaeology. The society is specifically concerned with the identification, excavation, interpretation, and conservation of sites and materials on land and underwater. Geographically the society emphasizes the New World, but also includes European exploration and settlement in Africa, Asia, and Oceania.