The members of the SHA Collections and Curation Committee are working to develop resources for anyone generating, curating, or researching archaeological collections. To read about our activities, check out the minutes of recent Committee meetings here. To join the committee, follow our activities, or ask a question, contact Kerry Gonzalez, Chair (

Statement of Aims

The Committee seeks to promote informed practice across the professional community by developing guidelines and sponsoring applied tools and methods for collections management. Its guiding principle is that of accessibility of archaeological information, which informs and shapes its outreach on collections and relationships with practitioners.

Collections Based Research Survey

The SHA Collections and Curation Committee (CCC) wants to know what historical archaeological collections are in need of collections-based research. Click here for more information.

Collections Repository Survey


In 2017 the SHA Collections and Curation committee formed a sub-committee with the goal of collecting information about curation fees across the United States. The sub-committee drafted a survey and started contacting repositories with the goal of collecting information about at least one archaeological repository in every state. In July 2019 the sub-committee chair, Kerry Gonzalez, finalized the results of this effort into three documents:

  1. A table showing the full responses of the repositories answering the survey, including contact information for each repository.
  2. A summary report that examines curation fees and discard policies.
  3. An GIS story map allowing users to click for summarized information about the repositories.

These resources represent only a snapshot of archaeological repositories nationwide, and an incomplete one at that. There are many more institutions holding archaeological collections than are listed here. Many of the facilities that hold collections are understaffed (if staffed at all), making it difficult to find responsible parties who can answer a survey such as this. Additionally, fee changes and staff turnover will quickly make this resource obsolete if we are not able to keep it updated. Given these realities, it should be evident that if you find this resource useful we need your help

Since there is no comprehensive list of archaeological repositories available for us to use as a reference, it would be a great help if we could use crowdsourcing to collect even more information. Please contact us with:

  • Errors in any of the information in this resource.
  • Updates on fees, contact info, standards, etc. for any repository already listed.
  • Additions to the map and survey. We are especially eager to hear from repositories in the U.S. that would like to be added to this resource. Repositories outside the U.S. are also welcome.

Disclaimer Alert!!! Curation fee policies are only summarized here and will vary depending on how each repository calculates its rates. Contact repositories directly for the most accurate information. Do NOT use the fee rates listed here to calculate your curation budgets!

The Collections and Curation Committee Repository Survey Sub-Committee was comprised of six people: Kerry Gonzalez, Chair (, Sara Rivers Cofield, (, Robert Chidester, Mary Petrich-Guy, Amanda Sexton, and Marybeth Tomka.


The SHA Collections and Curation Committee and the Archaeological Collections Consortium are excited to announce the official release of our interactive Archaeological Curation Repository Map (links below). This ArcGIS online-supported dashboard offers quick and easy access to information about curation fees, contact information, and which repositories are accessible for research, as well as other pertinent data. If you have any questions or comments about this exciting new resource, please contact Kerry Gonzalez at

Is your repository missing? Just fill out this brief form to be included: Repository Information Form

Archaeological Collections Consortium (ACC)

The Archaeological Collections Consortium (ACC) is an organization comprised of members representing three of the leading professional organizations of archaeologists practicing within the United States: the Society for American Archaeology (SAA), the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA), and the American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA). The mission of the ACC is to work together to address the discipline-wide challenges that impact archaeological collections. The SHA representatives on the ACC are Sara Rivers Cofield, Mark Warner, and Julia King.

Conservation FAQ

Conservation FAQs and Facts is a resource developed in 2006 by a group of conservators, some of whom were members of the SHA Collections and Curation Committee. One of the authors, Emily Williams, is still a member of the Committee, and is seeking new questions to add to this resource. If you have a conservation question and cannot find the answer in the FAQs, contact Emily Williams directly (