Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology (ACUA)

The ACUA is not a committee of the SHA.  It is a separately incorporated 501(c)(3) organization with its own Board of Directors. Cooperation between the SHA and ACUA is governed by a Memorandum of Agreement signed in 2003.

Chair: Jennifer McKinnon

ACUA Board: Jeneva Wright (Vice Chair), Amy Mitchell-Cook (Treasurer), Bert Ho (Secretary),  Athena Trakadas, Maddy Fowler, Sarah Holland, Kendra Kennedy, Amy Borgens, Caitlin Zant, Connie Kelleher, Maddy McAllister, Megan Lickliter-Mundon

Ex-officio: Ashley Lemke

Emeritus Members: Paul Johnston, Robert Grenier, Toni Carrell, Margaret Leshikar-Denton, Amanda Evans, Della Scott-Ireton

Graduate Student Associate Members: Lindsay Wentzel , Stephanie Sterling, Allyson Ropp, Alicia Johnson

SHA Standing Committees

Budget Committee

Chair: Sara F. Mascia (2021-2023) (Email:

Members:  Julie Schablitsky, Richard Veit, Sara Mascia, Ben Ford, Patricia Samford, Jennifer McKinnon

Conference Committee

Chair and Conference Coordinator: Todd Ahlmann (2022–ongoing)

Permanent Members (ex-officio): Joe Joseph (Awards Committee Chair), Jade Luiz (Workshop Coordinator), Sara Mascia (Treasurer), Karen Hutchison (Executive Director), Jennifer McKinnon (ACUA Chair)

Members: Annalies Corbin, Ross Jamieson, Andrew Robinson, Carolyn White, current and upcoming conference chairs.

Journal and Co-Publications Editorial Advisory Committee

Co-Chairs: Kathryn Sampeck (2020-2022) and Ben Ford (2021-2023)

Members: Anna S. Agbe-Davies, Rebecca Allen, Uzi Baram, Jodie A. Barnes, April M. Beisaw, Helen Blouet,  Heather Burke, Stacy Lynn Camp, Alicia Caporaso, Minette Church, Ben Ford, Laura Galke, Barry Gaulton, Liza Gijanto, Timothy Goddard, Mark Hauser, William Hoffman, Sarah Holland, Audrey J. Horning, Meta Janowitz, Kurt A. Jordan, J. W. (Joe) Joseph, Julia King, Terry Majewski, Mary Maniery, Juan G. Martin, Natascha Mehler, Christopher Merritt, Edward M. Morin, Paul Mullins, Shannon A. Novak, Julie Schablitsky, Richard Schaefer, Terrence Weik, Carolyn White, Emily Williams, LouAnn Wurst, Rebecca Yamin, Grace Zeising

Newsletter and Website Editorial Advisory Committee

Co-Chairs: Patricia Samford (2022-2025) and Nicole Grinnan (2023-2026)

Members: Bill White (Social Media Blogs),  Liz Quinlan (Social Media), Rebecca Allen, Terry Brock, Toni L. Carrell, Kelly Dixon, Ben Ford, Amber Grafft-Weiss, Keith Heinrich, Brendan Pelto, Richard Schaefer, and Newsletter Current Research and Images of the Past staff (see separate list of Newsletter Current Coordinators)


Nominations and Elections Committee

Chair (2022-2023): Barbara Heath, University of Tennessee,

Members: Jodi Barnes, Sara Rivers Cofield, Rebecca Graff (term: 2023-2024), Laura Masur (term: 2023)


SHA Presidential Committees

Academic and Professional Training Committee

Committee Description: Members of the Academic and Professional Training committee come from all areas of SHA’s archaeological community and hold intersecting identities. We are academic professionals and graduate students; CRM and government professionals; terrestrial and underwater archaeologists; and members of historically marginalized communities as well as members of those groups who have historically benefitted from these inequities. We oversee the production and maintenance of year-round online content (Syllabus Clearinghouse, Higher Education Resources, Blogs); in-person events focused around the Annual Meeting (Jamie Chad Brandon Student Paper Prize, Ethics Bowl, Solo Diners Program), and have plans to expand some programs as year-round opportunities (Workshops). Participation in the APTC has long been a first service experience for new SHA members. The Committee’s diverse portfolio of projects reflects and reinforces our diversity of voices. We can pivot to expand or modify resources as the changing membership demands.

Chair: Rebecca Graff, Lake Forest College,
Board Liaison: Alicia Odewale

Members: Alicia Caporaso (Student Paper contest chair and Blog Post Coordinator), Jade Luiz (Continuing Education), Terry Brock (Social Media coordinator), Jodi Barnes (GMAC Liaison for APTC), Mary Petrich-Guy, Cassandra Michaud, Bill White (Blog Coordinator), Ben Ford, Alicia Valentino, Edward Gonzalez-Tennant, Rebecca Graff, Robert M. Weaver, Carolyn White, Eric Swanson, Todd Ahlman, Jeremy Brunette, Sarah Miller, Maddy Fowler, Carl Carlson-Drexler, Ben Ford, Eric Swanson, Nicole Grinnan, Laura Masur, Lydia Marshall, Lauren Christian

Student Subcommittee Chair: Molly Swords (University of Idaho)

Active Members: Molly Swords (Chair, Ethics Liaison, Ethics Bowl, Grad, University of Idaho), Renae Campbell (Ethics Bowl, Grad, University of Idaho), Lindsey Howell Franklin (Grad, Heritage at Risk, Social Media, University of West Florida), Nathan Allison (Grad, University of Idaho), Jade Luiz (New Professional, Plimoth Plantation), Dave Ingleman (Grad, UC Santa Cruz), Carolyn White (APTC Chair, University of Nevada-Reno), Sarah Miller (SHA Board, Florida Public Archaeology Network), and Nicole Grinnan (SHA Board, Florida Public Archaeology Network)

Members at Large: Carl Drexler (ATPC Workshop Coordinator, Arkansas Archaeology Survey), Bill White (APTC Webinar Coordinator, UC Berkeley),  Jade Luiz, Erika Ruhl (Membership), Elaine Foster (Government Affairs),  and Camille Westmont (UNESCO)

Jamie Chad Brandon Student Paper Prize Subcommittee: Alicia Caporaso (Chair, 2019-present), Jodi Barnes, Maddy Fowler, Deb Rotman, Jean-Sébastien Guibert, Rebecca Graf, Alicia Valentino, and Carolyn White


Awards Committee

Chair: Joe Joseph, New South Associates, Email:

Members: Past Presidents: Mark Warner and Barbara Heath; Former Cotter Award Recipient: Sarah Cowie; ACUA Representative to Committee: Toni Carrell

Collections and Curation Committee

Chair: Beth Bollwerk, Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc./DAACS,
Board Liaison: Bonnie Clark

Members: Christine Ames, Elizabeth Bollwerk (Chair), Katie Boyle, Alasdair Brooks, Norine Carroll, Robert Chidester, Penny Crook, Elizabeth Crowell, Leo Demski, Dena Doroszenko, Hannah Duton, Lisa Fischer, Hannah Fleming, Mary Furlong Minkoff, Caroline Gardiner, Kerry Gonzales, Erika Hartley, Christine Hodge, Linda Hylkema, Beth Waters Johnson, Brad Jones, Julia King, Jade Luiz, Terry Majewski, Jennifer Melcher, Mary Furlong Minkoff, Chris Nicholson, Jenn Ogborne, Heather Olson, Alicia Paresi, Brendan Pelto, Mike Polk, Jenn Porter-Lupu, Jennifer Poulsen, Zahida Quadri, Sara Rivers-Cofield, Tamara Schlossenberg, Paola Sciappacasse, Laura Seifert, Leah Stricker, Lori Thompson, Marybeth Tomka, Mark Warner, Emily Williams, Gifford Waters, Andrea White, Timo Ylimaunu, Martha Zierden, Michael Zimmerman.
Development Committee

Chair: Christopher Fennell (2015-2017), Department of Anthropology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 109 Davenport Hall, MC-148, 607 S. Mathews Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801 Phone: 312-513-2683, Email:
Board Liaison:
Sara Mascia

Members: Florie Bugarin, John Chenoweth, and Linda Stone


Ethics Committee

Chair: Rich Veit, Monmouth University,

Members: Varna Boyd, Kim Faulk, Ray Hayes, Julia King, Paul Johnston, Ed Morin, Mike Polk, and Hunter Whitehead.


Gender and Minority Affairs Committee

Committee Description: Members of the Gender and Minority Affairs committee represent a diverse group of archaeologists who may identify as a member of a historically marginalized community i.e. (race and ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, class/socioeconomic status.) As a committee we strive to foster an environment that is safe, inclusive, welcoming, and above all respectful of all regardless of their identities within these communities. We are seeking to create and sustain an inclusive and equitable organization which is only possible if we address structural issues, such as unequal access to education, professional opportunities, healthcare, transportation, and childcare. Together, we have a responsibility to create a culture that recognizes and addresses all forms of oppression and inequality.

Chair: Mia Carey; Email:
Board Liaison: Alexandra Jones

Members: Todd Ahlman, Jamie Arjona, Kerri Barile, Jodi Barnes, Whitney Battle-Baptiste, Stephen Brighton, Florie Bugarin, Justin Dunnavant , Kristen Fellows, Chris Fennell, Ayana Flewellen, Ben Ford, Ray Hayes, Alexandra Jones, Lewis Jones, Lori Lee, Christopher Matthews, Carol McDavid, Jennifer McKinnon, Michael Nassaney, Liz Quinlan, Matt Reeves, Paula Saunders, Suzanne Spencer-Wood, Paola Schiappacasse


Governmental Affairs Committee

Chair: Terry Klein, SRI Foundation, Email:
Board Liaison: Richard Veit

Members: Amanda Evans, Anne Giesecke, Christopher Horrell, Deb Rotman, Donna Seifert, Duane Quates, Emily Dylla, Holly Norton, Hunter Whitehead, Ian Burrow, John Broadwater, Jude Bense, Kalina Kassadjikova, Kendy Altizer, Maddy Bray, Mark Howe, Marty Healey, Peggy Leshikar-Denton, Rachel Morgan, Susan Langley, Terry Brock, Wade Catts, Zahida Quadri.


Heritage at Risk Committee

Chair: Sarah Miller, Florida Public Archaeology Network, P. O. Box 1027, 74 King Street, St. Augustine, FL 32085-1027, Phone: (904) 669-3265, Email:

Members: Allyson Ropp, Anne Garland, Athena Trakadas, Charles Beeker, Heather Wholey, Jodi Barnes, Juanita Bonnifield, Kelly Britt, Kim Faulk, Kimberly Wooten, Laura Seifert, Lindsey Howell Franklin, Lindsey Cochran, Lori Lee, Meg Gaillard, Nicole Grinnan, Sara Ayers-Rigsby, Stephanie Gandulla, Susan Langley, Uzi Baram, Valerie Hall, Zahida Quadri, Kathryn Catlin, Anne Pyburn, Aviva Pollack, Emma Dietrich, Emily Jane Murray


History Committee

Chair:  Elizabeth Clay, Email:
Board Liaison: Sarah Miller

Members: Elizabeth Crowell, Paul Huey, Donald Linebaugh, Megan Postemski, Benjamin C. Pykles, Krysta Ryzewski, Kirsten Vacca, Richard Veit, Hunter Whitehead, Rebecca Yamin.


Membership Committee

Chair: Sam R. Sweitz, Michigan Technological University,

Members: Doug Shaver, Joseph McDermott, Stephen Nagiewicz, Kelly Britt, Andrew Beaupre, Muriel Grubb, James Nyman, Dana L. Petermann


Vergil Noble

Public Education and Interpretation Committee

Chair: Sara Ayers-Rigsby, Florida Public Archaeology Network, 111 East Las Olas, HEC Building Room 1008D, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301; Phone: (954) 254-9657; Email:
Board Liaison: Lori Lee

Members: Matthrew Beaudoin, Sarah Chesney, Barbara Clark, Brian Crane, Emma Dietrich, Kate Ellenberger, Jim Gibb, Valerie Hall, Tristan Harrenstein, Meredith Hawkins, Barbara Heath, Audrey Horning, Alexandra Jones, Joe Joseph, Rachael Kangas, John McCarthy, Carol McDavid, Jennifer McKinnon, Sarah Miller, Mary Furlong-Minkoff, Aryn Neurock, Zahida Quadri, Allyson Ropp, Patricia Samford, Della Scott-Ireton, Michael J. Stottman, Melissa Timo, Wendy Van Duivenvoorde, Camille Westmont, Claire Yancey (social media coordinator)


Register of Professional Archaeologists Representative

SHA Representative to the RPA Board: Varna Boyd, Email:

Resolutions Committee

Alicia Odewale and Alexandra  Jones (2023)


Technologies Committee

Chair: Leo Demski, Email:
Board Liaison: Edward Gonzalez-Tennant

Members:  Jeremy Brunette,  Brian Crane, Kimberly Faulk, Lisa Fischer, Mark Freeman, Joe Hoyt, Bernard Means, Marco Meniketti, Eric Swanson, Dan Trepal


UNESCO Committee

Chair: Amanda Evans,
Board Liaison: Patricia Samford

Members:  David Ball (Secretary), Monica Beck, Charles Beeker, Marc-Andre Bernier, John D. Broadwater, Toni L. Carrell, Dolores Elkin, Ray Hayes, Paul Johnston, Peta Knott, Susan Langley, Jeffrey Larson, William Lees, Peggy Leshikar-Denton, Teresita Majewski, David Mather, Victor Mastone, Jennifer McKinnon, Garry Momber, Zahida Quadri, Della Scott-Ireton, Alexandra Simmons, Eric Swanson, Hans Van Tilburg, Ole Varmer, Hunter Whitehead, Robyn Woodward, Annie Wright

Observers: Jim Smailes, Chris Underwood, Bob Yorke


Newsletter Topical Coordinators

Images of the Past: Benjamin C. Pykles, 1209 East 300 South, Bountiful, UT 84010,, Phone: 801-240-3588, Email:

Newsletter Current Research Coordinators


Jacques Aymeric


Ruth Young, University of Leicester, Email:

Australasia and Antarctica

Adele Zubrzycka


Amanda Crompton, Department of Archaeology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NL, Canada. Phone: 709.864.8806; Email:

Canada-Arctic and Prairie (Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Yukon and Nunavut)

Amelia Fay, Manitoba Museum, Email:


Jeff Seibert, Email:


Stéphane Noël, Université Laval.

Canada-West (Alberta, British Columbia)

Ross Jamieson, Simon Fraser University, Email:

Caribbean and Bermuda

Paola Schiappacasse, University of Puerto Rico, Email:

Continental Europe

Natascha Mehler, Abteilung für Archäologie des Mittelalters, Universität Tübingen, Schloss Hohentübingen, Burgsteige 11, D-72070 Tübingen; Email:

Great Britain and Ireland

Andrew Webster

Latin America

Horacio Chiavazza

Middle East


Underwater (Worldwide)

Toni L. Carrell, Ships of Discovery, Corpus Christi Museum, 1900 N. Chaparral St., Corpus Christi, TX 78401; Phone: 361.826.4674; Fax: 361.884.7392; Email:


Justin Cramb, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Email:

USA-Central Plains (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska)

Andrew Robinson, State Historical Society of North Dakota, Email:

USA-Gulf States (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas)

Kathleen H. Cande, Sponsored Research Program, Arkansas Archeological Survey, 2475 N. Hatch, Fayetteville, AR 72704; Phone: 479.575.6560; Fax: 479.575.5453; Email:

USA-Mid-Atlantic (Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia)

Kelly Palich, Email:

USA-Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin)

Lynn L. M. Evans, Curator of Archaeology, Mackinac State Historic Parks, P.O. Box 873, Mackinaw City, MI 49701; Phone: 231.436.4100; Fax: 231.436.4210; Email:

USA-Northeast (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont)

Stephen Nagiewicz, Stockton University, Email:

USA-Northern Plains and Mountain States (Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming)

Nikki Manning, University of Montana, Email:

USA-Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Oregon, Washington)

Michell Hannum, Email:

USA-Pacific West (California, Hawaii, Nevada)

Kimberly Wooten, Email:

USA-Southeast (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee)

Kendi Altizer, University of North Georgia, Email:

USA-Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah)

Michael R. Polk, Email: