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Welcome to sha.org, the official website of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Historical Archaeology is the study of the material remains of past societies that also left behind documentary and oral histories. This subfield of archaeology studies the emergence, transformation, and nature of the Modern World.

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Wed., Jun 13, 2018
Evaluation is recognized by colleagues. This has become clear over the past ten years as conference sessions on the topic have become common. The PEIC-sponsored session at this year’s SHA meeting, “Motivations and Community in Public Archaeology Evaluation” (organized by Kate Ellenberger & Kevin Gidusko) is the latest in a long line of conference

Wed., Jun 13, 2018
By Edward De Haro and Claire Yancey   Archaeological excavation of the Spanish Colonial fort of El Presidio de San Francisco started in early May 2014.  They revealed archaeological deposits with artifacts and features dating to the Spanish, Mexican, and American occupations of

Wed., May 16, 2018
Disappearing Heritage   Haley Streuding Coastal Environments, Inc.               As a member of the Society of Historical Archaeology’s newly-formed Heritage at Risk Committee, I am interested in creating a dialogue – or at least being a part of the dialogue – on how climate change affects archaeological sites around the country,