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Welcome to sha.org, the official website of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Historical Archaeology is the study of the material remains of past societies that also left behind documentary and oral histories. This subfield of archaeology studies the emergence, transformation, and nature of the Modern World.

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Tue., Feb 04, 2020
Patricia Samford, Director, Maryland Archaeological Conservation Lab You’re just home from the SHA conference in Boston and you are quite frankly, all “archaeologied-out”.  There was lots of catching up with seldom-seen colleagues, too much beer, some great papers, and recovering from the dance.  And first thing you see when you open your email once

Mon., Jan 27, 2020
These are exciting times for our profession and the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) is engaging in many new challenges and initiatives. Your financial support will help the SHA achieve shared goals. The Society’s work has yielded great results on multiple fronts. SHA’s public education

Wed., Jan 15, 2020
Lydia Wilson Marshall Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, DePauw University The grim state of the academic job market in archaeology is no secret. The number of Ph.D. graduates in our discipline greatly outnumbers the number of tenure-track jobs available. Because