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Welcome to sha.org, the official website of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Historical Archaeology is the study of the material remains of past societies that also left behind documentary and oral histories. This subfield of archaeology studies the emergence, transformation, and nature of the Modern World.

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Tue., Dec 03, 2019
This is a post submitted by Terry Klein, Executive Director of the SRI Foundation about an upcoming forum at the Society for Historical Archaeology’s annual conference in Boston, Massachusetts titled: “A Forum on Archaeological Synthesis: Building Arguments for Contemporary Relevance” sponsored by

Tue., Dec 03, 2019
This is a post by Allyson Ropp, Archaeologist at the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum The St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum houses an extensive maritime archaeology program, known as the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP). The program focuses on identifying

Mon., Sep 09, 2019
By William White University of California, Berkeley Last winter, during ski week school closure in California, several anthropology undergraduate students brought their young children with them to class. I am a professor who never minds this. I completely understand how fragile childcare arrangements