Historical Archaeology; Volumes 21-30 (2); 1987-1996

Compiled by Vergil E. Noble

The author index lists all contributions to the journal in alphabetical order, by author.


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  • Ackerman, Robert E.
    1991 Economics Means Index: A Measure of Social Status in the Chesapeake, 1690-1815. 25(1):26-36.
  • Adams, William H.
    1987 Review of Analyzing Activity Areas: An Ethnoarchaeological Study of the Use of Space, by Susan Kent. 21(1):105-7.
    1988 Review of The Archaeology of Social Disintegration in Skunk Hollow, A Nineteenth-Century Rural Black Community, by Joan H. Geismar. 22(1):105-7.
    1990 Review of Consumer Choice in Historical Archaeology, edited by Suzanne M. Spencer-Wood. 24(3):118-21.
    1990 Landscape Archaeology, Landscape History, and the American Farmstead. 24(4):92-101.
    1993 Historical Archaeology Strove for Maturity in the Mid-1980s. 27(1):23-31.
  • Adams, William H., and Sarah J. Boling
    1989 Artifact Illustration Using Computer Videographs. 23(2):113-18.
    1989 Status and Ceramics for Planters and Slaves on Three Georgia Coastal Plantations. 23(1):69-96.
  • Agnew, Aileen B.
    1995 Women and Property in Early 19th-Century Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 29(1):62-74.
  • Akin, Marjorie K.
    1992 The Noncurrency Functions of Chinese Wen in America. 26(2):58-65.
  • Allen, Rebecca
    1993 Review of Santa Ine’s Mission Excavations: 1986-1988, by Julia G. Costello. 27(4):104-5.
  • Amer, Christopher F.
    1988 Review of A Report on the Nautical Archeology of Lake Champlain, Results of the 1982 Field Season of the Champlain Maritime Society, edited by Arthur B. Cohen. 22(2):114-15.
    1989 Review of Shipwreck Anthropology, edited by Richard A. Gould. 23(2):119-21.
    1995 Review of Great Lakes Underwater Cultural Resources: Important Information for Shaping Our Future, edited by Kenneth J. Vrana and Edward Mahoney. 29(4):96-98. 1996 The Good Ship: Ships, Shipbuilding, and Technology in England, 1200-1520, by Ian Friel. 30(2):113-14.
  • Anonymous
    1990 Publication Guidelines. 24(2)133-134.
    1993 Publication and Style Guide for Historical Archaeology. 27(4):109-27.
    1993 Twenty-Five Years of Society for Historical Archaeology Officers–1967-1991. 27(1):1.
    1996 Publication and Style Guide for Historical Archaeology. 30(3):102-10.
  • Anzalone, Ronald D.
    1991 Review of Archaeological Survey in Virginia: Toward Preservation, edited by J. Mark Wittkofski and E. Randolph Turner III. 25(3):110-112.
  • Arnold, J. Barto, III
    1987 Marine Magnetometer Survey of Archaeological Materials Near Galveston, Texas. 21(1):18-47.
    1987 Review of Spanish Sea: The Gulf of Mexico in North American Discovery, 1500-1685, by Robert S. Weddle. 21(2):122-24.
    1989 Review of Annual Report of the VOC-Ship Amsterdam Foundation 1985, edited by J. H. G. Gawronski. 23(1):125-26.
    1990 Review of Ships and Shipwrecks of the Americas: A History Based on Underwater Archaeology, edited by George F. Bass. 24(1):110-111.
    1991 Review of Whaling in the North Atlantic: From Earliest Times to the Mid-19th Century, by Jean-Pierre Proulx. 25(3):120.
    1992 Advances in Underwater Archaeology: Introduction. 26(4):1.
    1996 The Texas Historical Commission’s Underwater Archaeological Survey of 1995 and the Preliminary Report on the Belle, LaSalle’s Shipwreck of 1686. 30(4):66-87.
  • Arnold, J. Barto, III (editor)
    1992 Advances in Underwater Archaeology. 26(4):1-131.
  • Arnold, J. Barto, III, G. M. Fleshman, Curtiss P. Peterson, W. K. Stewart, Gordon P. Watts, Jr., and Clark P. Weldon
    1992 USS Monitor: Results from the 1987 Season. 26(4):47-57.
  • Arnold, J. Barto, III, David R. Watson, and Donald H. Keith
    1995 The Padre Island Crossbows. 29(2):4-19.
  • Ayres, James E.
    1990 Review of Wong Ho Leun: An American Chinatown, edited by Great Basin Foundation. 24(3):121-23.
    1995 Review of Hidden Heritage: Historical Archaeology of the Overseas Chinese, edited by Priscilla Wegars. 29(2):122-25.
    1991 Historical Archaeology in Arizona and New Mexico. 25(3):18-23.
    1993 J. C. Harrington Medal in Historical Archaeology, Bernard L. Fontana, 1993. 27(3):1-3.

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  • Baart, Jan
    1988 Glass Bead Sites in Amsterdam. 22(1):67-75.
  • Babits, Lawrence E.
    1991 Review of Historical Archaeology of Plantations at Kings Bay, Camden County, Georgia, edited by William Hampton Adams. 25(2):107-8.
    1993 Review of Collector’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution, by George C. Neumann and Frank J. Kravic. 27(3):129-30.
    1995 Review of America’s National Battlefield Parks: A Guide, by Joseph E. Stevens. 29(1):126.
    1995 Review of Boats: A Manual for Their Documentation, edited by Paul Lipke, Peter Spectre, and Benjamin G. Fuller. 29(2):100-101.
    1995 Review of The Fortifications of Ile Aux Noix: A Portrait of the Defense Strategy on the Upper Richelieu Border in the 18th and 19th Centuries, by Andre Charbonneau. 29(4):111-12.
    1995 Review of New Perspectives on Maryland Historical Archaeology, edited by Barbara J. Little and Richard J. Dent. 29(2):106-7.
    1996 Review of The Forts of Pemaquid, Maine: An Archaeological and Historical Study, by Robert L. Bradley and Helen B. Camp. 30(4):114-15.
    1996 Review of Historical Archaeology of the Chesapeake, edited by Paul A. Shackel and Barbara J. Little. 30(3):90-92.
    1996 Review of “Our Duty Was Quite Arduous”: History and Archaeology of the Civil War on Little Folly Island, South Carolina, by Martha A. Zierden, Steven D. Smith, and Ronald W. Anthony. 30(4):107-8.
    1996 Review of The U.S. Army in the West, 1870-1880: Uniforms, Weapons, and Equipment, by Douglas C. McChristian. 30(3):98-99.
  • Babson, David W.
    1990 The Archaeology of Racism and Ethnicity on Southern Plantations. 24(4):20-28.
    1995 Review of The El Paso Coliseum Collection: A Study of 20th-Century Bottles, by Bill Lockhart and Wanda Olszewski. 29(4):113-14.
  • Barr, William B.
    1995 Review of Archaeological Views of the Upper Wager Block, a Domestic and Commercial Neighborhood in Harpers Ferry, edited by Jill Y. Halchin. 29(4):108-10.
  • Beaudry, Mary C.
    1989 Review of Cultures in Contact: The European Impact on Native Cultural Institutions in Eastern North America, A.D. 1000-1800, edited by William W. Fitzhugh. 23(1):118-20.
    1989 Review of Historical and Archaeological Evaluation: Rincon Townsite and Environs, by Roberta S. Greenwood, John M. Foster, Anne Q. Duffield, and John F. Elliott. 23(2):129-30.
    1989 The Lowell Boott Mills Complex and Its Housing: Material Expressions of Corporate Ideology. 23(1):19-32.
    1989 Review of The Rincon Townsite: Cultural Resource Investigation, by Roberta S. Greenwood and John M. Foster. 23(2):129-30.
    1990 Review of The Recovery of Meaning: Historical Archaeology in the Eastern United States, by Mark P. Leone and Parker B. Potter, Jr. 24(3):115-18.
    1991 Review of Decorative Arts and Household Furnishings in America 1650-1920: An Annotated Bibliography, by Kenneth L. Ames and Gerald W. R. Ward. 25(1):121-22.
    1993 Public Aesthetics Versus Personal Experience: Worker Health and Well-Being in 19th-Century Lowell, Massachusetts. 27(2):90-105.
    1994 Review of Under the Boardwalk in Quebec City/Les Dessous De La Terrasse a Quebec, Under the Direction of Pierre Beaudet. 28(1):122-24.
  • Bell, Elizabeth Y.
    1995 Review of Women in Archaeology: A Feminist Critique, edited by Hilary DuCros and LauraJane Smith. 29(4):84-87.
    1995 Review of Women in Archaeology, edited by Cheryl Claasen. 29(4):84-87.
  • Bevan, Bruce W.
    1992 Review of Dimensional Analysis Through Perspective: A Reference Manual, by James R. Williamson and Michael H. Brill. 27(1):132-33.
  • Blakely, Jeffrey A.
    1989 Xeroradiography of Historic Ceramics: Four New England Kilns. 23(1):107-12.
  • Bleed, Peter
    1994 Review of The Fincastle Pottery (44BO304): Salvage Excavations at a Nineteenth-Century Earthenware Kiln Located in Botetourt County, Virginia, by Kurt C. Russ. 28(1):124-25.
  • Bowyer, Gary C.
    1996 Review of The Ah Hee Diggings: Final Report of Archaeological Investigations at OR-GR-16, the Granite, Oregon, Chinese Walls Site, 1992 Through 1994, by Priscilla Wegars. 30(2):119-20.
  • Brashler, Janet G.
    1991 When Daddy Was a Shanty Boy: The Role of Gender in the Organization of the Logging Industry in Highland, West Virginia. 25(4):54-68.
  • Broadwater, John D.
    1992 Shipwreck in a Swimming Pool: An Assessment of the Methodology and Technology Utilized on the Yorktown Shipwreck Archaeological Project. 26(4):36-46.
    1994 Review of Pandora: An Archaeological Perspective, by Peter Gesner. 28(3):130-131.
  • Brock, James, and Steven J. Schwartz
    1991 A Little Slice of Heaven: Investigations at Rincon Cemetery, Prado Basin, California. 25(3):78-90.
  • Brooks, Richard D.
    1995 Review of Housing Culture: Traditional Architecture in an English Landscape, by Matthew Johnson. 29(2):130-131.
  • Brose, David S.
    1970        Summer Island III: An Early Historic Site in the Upper Great Lakes. 4(1):3-33
  • Brown, Kenneth L., and Doreen C. Cooper
    1990 Structural Continuity in an African-American Slave and Tenant Community. 24(4):7-19.
  • Buckles, William G., and Nancy B. Buckles
    1988 Review of Lighting Devices in the National Reference Collection, Parks Canada, by E. I. Woodhead, C. Sullivan, and G. Gusset. 22(1):122-23.
  • Burley, David V.
    1989 Function, Meaning and Context: Ambiguities in Ceramic Use by the Hivernant Metis of the Northwestern Plains. 23(1):97-106.
    1992 Review of Ethnoarchaeological and Cultural Frontiers; Athapaskan, Algonquian and European Adaptations in the Central Subarctic, by Hetty Jo Brumbach and Robert Jarvenpa. 26(2):99-101.
    1995 Review of Anahulu: The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii. Vol. 1, Historical Ethnography, by Marshall Sahlins. 29(1):110-112.
    1995 Review of Analulu: The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii. Vol. 2, The Archaeology of History, by Patrick V. Kirch. 29(1):110-112.
    1995 Contexts and Meaning: Beer Bottles and Cans in Contemporary Burial Practices in the Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga. 29(1):75-83.
  • Busch, Jane
    1987 Second Time Around: A Look at Bottle Refuse. 21(1):67-80.

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  • Cabak, Melanie A., Mark D. Groover, and Scott J. Wagers
    1995 Health Care and the Wayman A. M. E. Church. 29(2):55-76.
  • Carlisle, Ronald C.
    1988 Review of Proceedings of the Symposium on Ohio Valley Urban and Historic Archaeology, Vol. 1, edited by Donald B. Ball and Philip J. DiBlasi. 22(1):107-10.
  • Carlson, Shawn B.
    1990 The Persistence of Traditional Lifeways in Central Texas. 24(4):50-59.
  • Carrell, Toni L.
    1992 Replication and Experimental Archaeology. 26(4):4-13. 1996 Review of Walking the Plank: A True Adventure Among Pirates, by Stephen Kiesling. 30(2):111-12.
  • Carskadden, Jeff, and Richard Gartley
    1990 A Preliminary Seriation of 19th Century Decorated Porcelain Marbles. 24(2):55-69.
  • Chapman, William
    1991 Review of Old House Dictionary: An Illustrated Guide to American Domestic Architecture 1600 to 1940, by Steven J. Phillips. 25(2):113-15.
  • Cheek, Charles D.
    1988 Review of An Analysis of Historical Ceramics from the Central Salt River Valley of Northeastern Missouri, by Teresita Majewski and Michael J. O’Brien. 22(1):101-3.
    1988 Review of Euro-American Pioneer Settlement Systems in the Central Salt River Valley of Northeast Missouri, by Roger D. Mason. 22(1):101-3.
  • Cheek, Charles D., and Amy Frielander
    1990 Pottery and Pig’s Feet: Space, Ethnicity, and Neighborhood in Washington, D.C., 1880-1940. 24(1):34-60.
  • Church, Minette C.
    1995 Review of Life on a 1930s Homestead: Historical Archaeological Investigations of the Brown Homestead on the Middle Aqua Fria River, Yavapai County, Arizona, by James E. Ayres and Gregory R. Seymour. 29(2):114-15.
  • Claassen, Cheryl
    1994 Washboards, Pigtoes, and Muckets: Historic Musselling in the Mississippi Watershed. 28(2):1-145.
  • Clark, Donald W.
    1996 Archaeological Examination of Fort Reliance, Yukon. 30(2):93-100.
  • Clark, Geoffrey A., and Kent G. Lightfoot
    1994 Memorial: Reynold J. Ruppé, 1917-1993 28(3):1-6.
  • Cleland, Charles E.
    1988 Questions of Substance, Questions That Count. 22(1):13-17.
    1993 The First Half Decade; The Foundation of the Society for Historical Archaeology, 1967-1972. 27(1):12-14.
    1993 Review of The Juan Pardo Expeditions: Exploration of the Carolinas and Tennessee, 1566-1568, by Charles Hudson, with Translations by Paul E. Hoffman. 27(3):117-18.
    1993 The Society for Historical Archaeology and Its First Twenty-Five Years: Introduction. 27(1).
  • Clements, Joyce M.
    1993 The Cultural Creation of the Feminine Gender: An Example from 19th-Century Military Households at Fort Independence, Boston. 27(4):39-64.
  • Clouse, Robert A.
    1995 Review of Landscape, Architecture, and Artifacts: Historical Archaeology of Nineteenth-Century Illinois, edited by Erich K. Schroeder. 29(1):114-15.
    1995 Review of The Martindale Cabin: An 1857 Stone Structure in Greenwood County, Kansas, by Virginia A. Wulfkuhle and Christopher M. Schoen. 29(2):112-14.
    1996 Review of Public Archaeology in Annapolis: A Critical Approach in Maryland’s Ancient City, by Parker B. Potter, Jr. 30(4):112-14.
    1996 Review of The Texture of Industry: An Archaeological View of the Industrialization of North America, Robert B. Gordon and Patrick M. Malone. 30(4):106-7.
  • Cohen-Williams, Anita G.
    1992 Common Maiolica Types of Northern New Spain. 26(1):119-30.
    1993 Review of Historical Archaeology of Nineteenth-Century California, by Jay D. Frierman and Robert S. Greenwood. 27(3):125-27.
    1995 Review of The Search for Sunken Treasure: Exploring the World’s Great Shipwrecks, by Robert F. Marx and Jenifer Marx. 29(2):102-3.
  • Conner [Connor], Melissa A.
    1995 Review of Disease and Demography in the Americas, edited by John W. Verano and Douglas H. Ubelaker. 29(1):97-99.
  • Cook, Lauren J., Rebecca Yamin, and John P. McCarthy
    1996 Shopping As Meaningful Action: Toward a Redefinition of Consumption in Historical Archaeology. 30(4):50-65.
  • Costello, Julia G.
    1992 Purchasing Patterns of the California Missions in Ca. 1805. 26(1):59-66.
    1993 The Society for Historical Archaeology, 1987-1992 27(1):32-34.
    1995 Review of Humbug! The Historical Archaeology of Placer Mining on Humbug Creek in Central Arizona, by James E. Ayres, A. E. Rogge, Everett J. Bassett, Melissa Keane, and Diane L. Douglas. 29(1):108-9.
  • Costello, Julia G., and Phillip L. Walker
    1987 Burials from the Santa Barbara Presidio Chapel. 21(1):3-17.
  • Cotter, John L.
    1993 Historical Archaeology before 1967. 27(1):4-9.
  • Crass, David C.
    1988 The Clay Pipes from Green Spring Plantation (44JC9), Virginia. 22(1):83-97.
    1995 Review of The Horse Soldier. Vol. 2, The Frontier, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Indian Wars 1851-1880, by Randy Steffen. 29(1):117-18.
    1995 Review of The Horse Soldier. Vol. 3, The Last of the Indian Wars, the Spanish American War, the Brink of the Great War 1881-1916, by Randy Steffen. 29(1):117-18.
    1995 Review of The Horse Solider. Vol. 4, World War I, the Peacetime Army, World War II 1917-1943, by Randy Steffen. 29(1):117-18. Costello, Julia G. and Phillip L. Walker
  • Crass, David C., and Deborah L. Wallsmith
    1992 Where’s the Beef? Food Supply at an Antebellum Frontier Post. 26(2):3-23.
  • Cummings, Calvin R.
    1994 Review of Maritime Archaeology: A Technical Handbook, by Jeremy Green. 28(1):117-18.
  • Cummings, Linda S.
    1994 Diet and Prehistoric Landscape During the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia: A View from the Old Master Armorer’s Complex. 28(4):94-105.
  • Curtis, Julia B.
    1987 Review of Mackinac and the Porcelain City, by Eugene T. Petersen. 21(2):133-34.
  • Cusick, James G.
    1995 The Importance of the Community Study Approach in Historical Archaeology, With an Example from Late Colonial St. Augustine. 29(4):59-83.

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  • D’Agostino, Mary E.
    1995 Review of Flowerdew Hundred: The Archaeology of a Virginia Plantation, 1619-1864, by James Deetz. 29(1):103-4.
  • Davis, Hester A.
    1992 Review of Studies in South Carolina Archaeology: Essays in Honor of Robert L. Stephenson, edited by Albert C. Goodyear, III, and Glen T. Hanson. 26(2):107-9.
    1993 Review of Water Mills of the Missouri Ozarks, by George G. Suggs, Jr. 27(4):106-7.
  • De Cunzo, Lu Ann
    1995 Reform, Respite, Ritual: An Archaeology of Institutions; The Magdalen Society of Philadelphia, 1800-1850. 29(3):iii-168.
  • De Vore, Steven L.
    1990 Fur Trade Era Blacksmith Shops at Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site, North Dakota. 24(3):1-23.
  • Deagan, Kathleen [A.]
    1988 Neither History Nor Prehistory: The Questions That Count in Historical Archaeology. 22(1):7-12.
    1993 Retrospective on the Society for Historical Archaeology, 1977-1982. 27(1):19-22.
  • DeCorse, Christopher R.
    1993 Review of Farmers, Kings, and Traders: The People of Southern Africa, 200-1860, by Martin Hall. 27(1):129-30.
  • deFrance, Susan D.
    1996 Iberian Foodways in the Moquegua and Torata Valleys of Southern Peru. 30(3):20-48.
  • Delgado, James P.
    1992 Recovering the Past of USS Arizona: Symbolism, Myth, and Reality. 26(4):69-80.
    1995 Review of The Hunt for HMS De Braak: Legend and Legacy, by Donald Shomette. 29(1):93-94.
  • Driscoll, Stephen T.
    1992 Discourse on the Frontiers of History: Material Culture and Social Reproduction in Early Scotland. 26(3):12-25.
  • Duffy, John
    1993 Health, Sanitation, and Foodways in Historical Archaeology: Commentary. 27(2):2-5.

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  • Elia, Ricardo J.
    1992 The Ethics of Collaboration: Archaeologists and the Wydah Project. 26(4):105-17.
    1993 Review of Post-Medieval Archaeology in Britain, by David Crossley. 27(4):94-95.
  • Ellwood, Brooks B.
    1990 Electrical Resistivity Surveys in Two Historical Cemeteries in Northeast Texas: A Method for Delineating Unidentified Burial Sites. 24(3):91-98.
  • Ellwood, Brooks B., Douglas W. Owsley, Suzanne H. Elwood, and Patricia A. Mercado-Allinger
    1994 Search for the Grave of the Hanged Texas Gunfighter, William Preston Langley. 28(3):94-112.
  • Emerson, Thomas E.
    1993 Review of Domestic Architecture and the Use of Space: An Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Study, edited by Susan Kent. 27(4):92-94.
  • Epperson, Terrence W.
    1990 Race and the Disciplines of the Plantation. 24(4):29-36.
  • Ernstein, Julie H.
    1994 Review of Landscape and Material Life in Franklin County, Massachusetts, 1770-1860, by J. Ritchie Garrison. 28(3):124-27.
    1996 Review of The Archaeology of Garden and Field, edited by Naomi F. Miller and Kathryn L. Gleason. 30(4):104-6.
    1996 Review of A Village of Outcasts: Historical Archaeology and Documentary Research at the Lighthouse Site, by Kenneth L. Feder. 30(4):115-17.
  • Esarey, Mark E.
    1995 Review of Introducao a Arqueologia Historica, by Charles E. Orser (Pedro Paulo Abreau Funari, translator). 29(2):131-32.
  • Espenshade, Christopher T.
    1995 Review of Fort Center: An Archaeological Site in the Lake Okeechobee Basin, by William H. Sears. 29(4):110-111.
  • Etchieson, Meeks
    1988 Review of Adobe Walls: The History and Archaeology of the 1874 Trading Post, by T. Lindsay Baker and Billy R. Harrison. 22(2):93-95.
  • Ewen, Charles R.
    1996 Continuity and Change: De Soto and the Apalachee. 30(2):41-53.

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  • Farnsworth, Paul
    1992 Missions, Indians, and Cultural Continuity. 26(1):22-36.
    1993 “What Is the Use of Plantation Archaeology?” No Use at All, If No One Else Is Listening! 27(1):114-16.
    1996 The Influence of Trade on Bahamian Slave Culture. 30(4):1-23.
  • Farnsworth, Paul, and Jack S. Williams
    1992 The Archaeology of the Spanish Colonial and Mexican Periods: Introduction. 26(1):1-6.
  • Farnsworth, Paul, and Jack S. Williams (editors)
    1992 The Archaeology of the Spanish Colonial and Mexican Republican Periods. 26(1):1-147.
  • Farris, Glenn J.
    1989 Review of Wine, Yaman and Stone: The Archaeology of a Russian Hospital Trash Pit, by Catherine Holder Blee. 23(2):128-29.
    1990 Review of Excavations at Fort Mackinac, 1980-1982: The Provision Storehouse, by Roger T. Grange, Jr. 24(3):123-25.
  • Faulkner, Alaric
    1990 In-House Production of Archaeological Publications on the Macintosh. 24(2):125-132.
    1991 Review of Red Bay, Labrador: World Whaling Capital A.D. 1550-1600, by James A. Tuck and Robert Grenier. 25(2):104-5.
  • Ferguson, Leland
    1987 J. C. Harrington Medal in Historical Archaeology: Stanley A. South, 1987. 21(2):1-5.
  • Fielder, Nick
    1993 Review of Ironworks on the Saugus, by E. N. Hartley. 27(4):105-6.
  • Firth, Antony
    1996 Theorizing the Management of Archaeology Underwater. 30(2):85-92.
  • Fisher, Charles L.
    1987 The Ceramics Collection from the Continental Army Cantonment at New Windsor, New York. 21(1):48-57.
  • Fitts, Robert K.
    1996 The Landscapes of Northern Bondage. 30(2):54-73.
  • Fitzgerald, William R., Laurier Turgeon, Ruth H. Whitehead, and James W. Bradley
    1993 Late Sixteenth-Century Basque Banded Copper Kettles. 27(1):44-57.
  • Fontana, Bernard
    1987 J. C. Harrington Medal in Historical Archaeology: Arthur Woodward, 1987 21(1):1-2.
  • Ford, Benjamin
    1994 The Health and Sanitation of Postbellum Harpers Ferry. 28(4):49-61.
  • Foster, Kevin J.
    1992 Threatened James River Shipwreck and Historical Sites. 26(4):58-68.
  • Fournier-Garcia, Patricia, and Fernando A. Miranda-Flores
    1992 Historic Sites Archaeology in Mexico. 26(1):75-83.
  • Fox, Richard A., Jr., and Douglas D. Scott
    1991 The Post-Civil War Battlefield Pattern: An Example from the Custer Battlefield. 25(2):92-103.
  • Franzen, John G.
    1992 Northern Michigan Logging Camps: Material Culture and Worker Adaptation on the Industrial Frontier. 26(2):74-98.
  • Frielander, Amy
    1990 Beyond Regionalism: History, Archaeology, and the Future. 24(4):102-9.
    1991 House and Barn; The Wealth of Farms, 1795-1815. 25(2):15-29.

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  • Garman, James C.
    1994 Viewing the Color Line Through the Material Culture of Death. 28(3):74-93.
    1995 Review of Abandonment of Settlements and Regions: Ethnoarchaeological and Archaeological Approaches, edited by Catherine M. Cameron and Steve A. Tomka. 29(2):110-111.
    1995 Review of Interdisciplinary Investigations of Domestic Life in Government Block B: Perspectives on Harpers Ferry’s Armory and Commercial District, edited by Paul A. Shackel. 29(1):106-7.
    1996 Review of Interpreting Archaeology: Finding Meaning in the Past, by Ian Hodder, Michael Shanks, Alexandra Alexandri, Victor Buchli, John Carman, Jonathan Last, and Gavin Lucas. 30(4):101-2.
  • Garrison, Ervan G.
    1992 Recent Advances in Close Range Photogrammetry for Underwater Historical Archaeology. 26(4):97-104.
    1996 Archaeogeophysical and Geochemical Studies at George Washington Carver National Monument, Diamond, Missouri. 30(2):22-40.
    1995 Three Ironclad Warships–The Archaeology of Industrial Process and Historical Myth. 29(4):26-38.
  • Garrison, Ervan G., and Richard J. Anuskiewicz
    1987 An Historical and Archaeological Evaluation of the CSS Georgia. 21(2):74-100.
  • Gasco, Janine
    1992 Material Culture and Colonial Indian Society in Southern Mesoamerica: The View from Coastal Chiapas, Mexico. 26(1):67-74.
  • Geismar, Joan H.
    1993 Where Is Night Soil? Thoughts on an Urban Privy. 27(2):57-70.
  • Geismar, Joan H., and Meta F. Janowitz
    1993 Health, Sanitation, and Foodways in Historical Archaeology: Introduction. 27(2):1.
  • Geismar, Joan H., and Meta F. Janowitz (editors)
    1993 Health, Sanitation, and Foodways in Historical Archaeology. 27(2):i-111.
  • Gibb, James G., David J. Berstein, and Daniel F. Cassedy
    1990 Making Cheese: Archaeology of a 19th Century Rural Industry. 24(1):18-33.
  • Gibb, James G., and Julia A. King
    1991 Gender, Activity Areas, and Homelots in the 17th-Cnetury Chesapeake Region. 25(4):109-31.
  • Gilbert, Allan S., Garman Harbottle, and Daniel deNoyelles
    1993 A Ceramic Chemistry Archive for New Netherland/New York. 27(3):17-56.
  • Gilmore, Kathleen
    1988 Review of Excavations at Mission San Antonio, 1976-1978, edited by Robert L. Hoover and Julia G. Costello. 22(1):124-26.
    1994 Review of San Pedro y San Pablo De Patale: A Seventeenth-Century Spanish Mission in Leon County, Florida, by B. Calvin Jones, John Hann, and John F. Scarry. 28(1):121-22.
  • Goodwin, Conrad
    1994 Betty’s Hope Windmill: An Unexpected Problem. 28(1):99-110.
  • Goodwin, Conrad M., Karen B. Metheny, Judson M. Kratzer, and Anne Yentsch
    1995 Recovering the Lost Landscapes of the Stockton Gardens at Morven, Princeton, New Jersey. 29(1):35-61.
  • Grabert, G. F.
    1987 Review of Quaternary Coastlines and Marine Archaeology: Toward a Prehistory of Land Bridges and Continental Shelves, edited by P. M. Masters and N. C. Flemming. 21(2):121-22.
  • Grange, Roger T., Jr.
    1990 J. C. Harrington Medal in Historical Archaeology: Carlyle Shreeve Smith, 1989. 24(4):1-3.
    1994 Memorial: Carlyle Shreeve Smith, 1915-1993 28(3):7-14.
  • Greenwood, Roberta S.
    1987 Review of The Diaz Collection: Material Culture and Social Change in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Monterey, by David L. Felton and Peter P. Schulz. 21(1):110-111.
    1991 Historical Archaeology in California. 25(3):24-28.
  • Grettler, David J.
    1996 Review of A Community on McKee Road, by Edward F. Heite and Clara Lee Blume. 30(2):124-26.
  • Groover, Mark D.
    1994 Evidence for Folkways and Cultural Exchange in the 18th-Century South Carolina Backcountry. 28(1):41-64.
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