Historical Archaeology; Volumes 21-30 (2); 1987-1996

Compiled by Vergil E. Noble

This index to volumes 21-30 of the journal is intended to assist users in finding their way through the 10 volumes that have appeared since Olive Jones’ (1987) index of the first 20 volumes. The present index was compiled using the bibliographic software ProCite and then adapted to conform to SHA style. All references were sorted using keywords assigned to each citation (usually 5-8, depending on the subject matter). Sorting criteria were my own and are not exhaustive. Nevertheless, I believe that they will prove useful in finding most topical, geographical, and temporal subjects of interest to researchers. An unsorted reference list for volumes 21-30 is currently being developed for simple electronic searches.

One advantage to posting this index on the SHA website, of course, is that it can be viewed as a work in progress. Unlike printed publications, this index can be updated and refined periodically as deemed necessary. Should any user detect errors in the index (I am sure many have eluded my scrutiny) or have suggestions for its improvement, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at vergil_noble@nps.gov.


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