Historical Archaeology; Volumes 1-10 (2); 1967-1976; Index

Compiled by Olive R. Jones

Volume 1, 1967

Foreword, iii

Beginnings, Arnold R. Pilling, 1-12

Founding Membership, Society for Historical Archaeology, 12-22

Historic Archaeology-Methods and Principles, Iain C. Walker, 23-34

The New England Textile Mill Survey, Robert M. Vogel, 34-36

Excavation Accompanying Building Restoration, B. Bruce Powell, 36-38

Military Sites, J. Duncan Campbell, 38-40

Eighteenth Century Cemeteries: A Demographic View, Edwin Dethlefsen and James Deetz, 40-42

Pre-1800 Historic Sites-Urban, Vincent P. Foley, 43-44

Some Comments on Pre-1800 Sites-Maritime, Carl J. Clausen, 44-46

Post-1800 Sites: Fur Trade, Louis R. Caywood, 46-48

A Progress Report on Glass Dating, an Archaeologist’s Evaluation of the Concept, George G. Demmy, 49-51

Conservation of Iron Objects, R. M. Organ, 52-54

Financing Excavations: Financing of Archaeological Work at Historic Sites on Federal Lands, Paul J. F. Schumacher, 54-57

Archaeology and 19th Century Missions, David H. Snow, 57-59

Military Sites-Post-1700, Stanley J. Olsen, 59

The Archaeology of Post-18th Century Ranches in the United States, Bernard L. Fontana, 60-63

Archaeology as a Method for Investigating the History of the Erie Canal System, Charles E. Cleland and Lyle M. Stone, 63-70, 88-90

Post-1800 Historical Indian Sites, Roderick Sprague, 70

Problems of Post-1800 Urban Sites Archaeology at Old Sacramento, California, Leif C. W. Landberg, 71-78

The Fortress of Louisbourg Restoration Project-A Brief Review -ca.1720-1758, Bruce W. Fry, 78-80

Post-1800 Mining Camps, Franklin Fenenga, 80-82

Activities in Historical Archaeology in 1967, Society for Historical Archaeology, 83-87

Volume 2, 1968

President’s Page: Observations on the Scope of Historical Archaeology, Edward B. Jelks, 1-3

A Collection of Glass from Port Royal, Jamaica with some Observations on the Site, Its History and Archaeology – late 17th to 18th centuries, Ivor Noël Hume, 5-34

An Archaeologist’s Guide to Nineteenth Century American Glass, Dessamae Lorrain, 35-44

Bottles and History: The Case of Magdalena de Kino, Sonora, Mexico – post 1850, Bernard L. Fontana, 45-55

The Archaeology of Mass-Produced Footwear – post 1850, Adrienne Anderson, 56-65

On the Meaning of Industrial Archaeology, Vincent P. Foley, 66-68

Eleutherian Mills Garden Site – 19th century,James B. Akerman, 69-72

Photography in Historical Archaeology, Stanley South, 73-113


Recent Publications in Historical Archaeology, John L. Cotter, 128-130

The Society for Historical Archaeology Constitution, 131-134

Volume 3, 1969

President’s Page: Man and Superman, John H. Rick, 1-2

Editorial: Pothunter or Professional?, David A. Armour, 3-6

The Mallorytown Wreck – early 19th century, Walter Zacharchuk and John H. Rick, 7-11

Clay Pipes from Old Sacramento – mid 19th century, Richard V. Humphrey, 12-33

A Guide to Recording Structural Details of Historic Buildings, Thomas B. Renk, 34-48

Restoration and Archaeology, Bruce W. Fry, 49-65

Historic Site Archaeology in Relation to Other Archaeology, Edward McM. Larrabee, 67-74

Wanted! An Historic Archaeologist, Stanley South, 75-84


Adan Eduardo Treganza, 1916-1968, Paul J. F. Schumacher, 85-86


On the Real Meaning of Industrial Archaeology, Robert M. Vogel, 87-93

Reply to Vogel, Vincent P. Foley, 93-94


Recent Publications in Historical Archaeology, John L. Cotter, 107-109

Volume 4, 1970

President’s Page: In Search of Us, Bernard L. Fontana, 1-2

Summer Island III: An Early Historic Site in the Upper Great Lakes – ca.1500-1677, David S. Brose, 3-33

Preliminary Archaeological Investigation of Fort William in Northwestern Ontario – 1678-1763, 1800-1881, 1881 to present, Kenneth C.A. Dawson, 34-50

Gunflints from the Macon Plateau – 1680-1730, ca. 1800, Lee H. Hanson, Jr., 51-58

High on the Hawg: Or How the Western Miner Lived, as Told by Bottles He Left Behind – ca. 1850-1890, Julian H. Toulouse, 59-69

A Dating Key for Post-Eighteenth Century Bottles, T. Stell Newman, 70-75

Fingerprints on Earthenware Sherds: Uses and Implications for the Historical Archaeologist, Jim 0. Rockwell, 76-82

Historical and Historic Sites Archaeology as Anthropology: Basic Definitions and Relationships, Robert L. Schuyler, 83-89

Formal Classification and the Analysis of Historic Artifacts – 1715-1781, Lyle M. Stone, 90-102


Recent Publications in Historical Archaeology, John L. Cotter and William D. Hershey, 120-131

Volume 5, 1971

Excavation of a Slave Cabin: Georgia U. S. A . – 1834-1865, Robert Ascher and Charles H. Fairbanks, 3-17

The Redware Pottery Factory of Alvin Wilcox–At Mid-19th Century – ca.1850-1870, Daniel M. Barber and George R. Hamell, 18-37

The Hallowes Site: A Seventeenth-Century Yeoman’s Cottage in Virginia – last quarter 17th century, William T. Buchanan, Jr. and Edward F. Heite, 38-48

After the Report, What?: The Uses of Historical Archaeology, a Planner’s View, Ronald Lee Fleming, 49-61

Glass Bottle Push-Ups and Pontil Marks – 1700-1850, Olive R. Jones, 62-73

Nineteenth Century Transfer Printed Earthenwares from Rome, New York – 1828-1895, Lee H. Hanson, Jr. and Dick Ping Hsu, 74-91

Pipes from Rome, New York – 18th century, 1828-1895, Lee H. Hanson, Jr., 92-99

The Step Gauge: A New Tool for Measuring Pipestem Bore Diameters, Edward J. Lenik, 100-101

Early Marbles, Mark E. Randall, 102-105


Gunflints and Chronology at Ocmulgee National Monument – 1690-1715, 1806-1817, Carol Mason, 106-109

A Reply to Gunflints and Chronology at Ocmulgee National Monument – 1680-1750, ca. 1800, Lee H. Hanson, Jr., 109-111


Recent Publications in Historical Archaeology, John L. Cotter and William D. Hershey, 131-134

Volume 6, 1972

Drake and Cermeno in California: Sixteenth Century Chinese Ceramics, Edward P. Von Der Porten, 1-22

Fig Springs: The Mid-Seventeenth Century in North-Central Florida – 1650-1725, early 19th century, Kathleen A. Deagan, 23-46

Historic Figurines from Florida and Mexico – 18th century, Hale G. Smith, 47-56

Excavations at the Ximenez-Fatio House, St. Augustine, Florida – 1797-1940s, Carl D. McMurray, 57-64

Lessons from the Zeyouma Trading Post near Flagstaff, Arizona – 20th century, Roger E. Kelly and Albert E. Ward, 65-76

The Truro Halfway House, Cape Cod, Massachusetts – 1880-1901, Edward J. Lenik, 77-86

Glass Trade Beads in North America: An Annotated Bibliography, Karlis Karklins and Roderick Sprague, 87-101


Recent Publications in Historical Archaeology, John L. Cotter and William D. Hershey, 119-130

Volume 7, 1973

President’s Page: On Making History, Charles E. Cleland, 1-2

Historical Archaeology: Who Needs It?, Ivor Noël Hume, 3-10

The Rustic Hotel, Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Wyoming – 1876-1890, John E. Ehrenhard, 11-29

The Avila Adobe: The Determination of Architectural Change – ca. 1818 to present, William B. Butler, 30-45

“Drake’s Cup”? – 1570, Edward P. Von Der Porten, 46-53

Jesuit Rings: Evidence of French-Indian Contact in the Connecticut River Valley – 1685-1690, Peter A. Thomas, 54-57

Dishes in Colonial Graves: Evidence from Jamaica – 18th century, Ray Fremmer, 58-62

Archaeology and the National Register, Robert M. Utley, 63-67

Models and Hypothesis Testing in Historical Archaeology, Joel I. Klein, 68-77

Photography of Glass Artifacts from Historic Sites: A Useful Technique, Jennifer S. Leighton, 78-80


Reactions to Reviews, 96

Recent Publications in Historical Archaeology, John L. Cotter and William D. Hershey, 97-109

Volume 8, 1974

A Note from the Editor, John D. Combes, 5

Tin*Can Archaeology, Robert Ascher, 7-16

Maiolica in Colonial Spanish America – 16th to 18th centuries, Florence C. Lister and Robert H. Lister, 17-52

Excavation of a Seventeenth Century Pottery Kiln at Glebe Harbor, Westmoreland County, Virginia – 1677, William M. Kelso and Edward A. Chappell, 53-63

Seventeenth Century Dutch Beads, Karlis Karklins, 64-82

A Catalogue of Jesuit and Ornamental Rings from Western New York State: Collections of Charles F. Wray and the Rochester Museum and Science Center – 1625 to early 19th century, Alice S. Wood, 83-104

Reworked Pipe Stems: A 17th Century Phenomenon from the Site of Fort Orange, Albany, New York – 1624-1676, late 18th to 19th centuries, Paul R. Huey, 105-111


Preparation of Line Drawings from Photographs, William H. Adams, 112-114


Recent Publications in Historical Archaeology, John L. Cotter and William D. Hershey, 115-139

Volume 9, 1975

Historical Archaeology of Philadelphia, John L. Cotter and David G. Orr, 1-10

Probate Inventories: An Evaluation from the Perspective of Zooarchaeology and Agricultural History at the Mott Farm – 1730s, Joanne Bowen, 11-25

A Magnetometer Survey with Electronic PositioningControl and Calculator-Plotter System, J. Barto Arnold, III and Carl J. Clausen, 26-40

Gunflints from Chicoutimi Indian Site (Québec) – ? – 1663, Jean Franqois Blanchette, 41-54

Conservation of Artifacts: A Question of Survival, Elizabeth Sanford, 55-64

On the Origins of Gunspalls – ca. 1650-ca. 1770, Stephen W. White, 65-73

The Enigma of the Phoenix Button – ca. 1830, Emory Strong, 74-80


Mission-Oriented Agencies: Means and Ends of Historic Sites Archaeology, J. D. Swannack, 81-82

Professional Criteria for Underwater Archaeology, Calvin R. Cummings, 83-85


Recent Publications in Historical Archaeology, John L. Cotter and William D. Hershey, 86-103

Volume 10, 1976

A Unified Approach to the Anthropology of Hispanic Northern New Mexico: Historical Archaeology, Ethnohistory, and Ethnography, Paul Kutsche, John R. Van Ness, and Andrew T. Smith, 1-16

The Interpretive Potential of Glass Trade Beads in Historic Archaeology, Janet D. Spector, 17-27

Italian Presence in Tin Glazed Ceramics of Spanish America – 16th, 17th centuries, Florence C. Lister and Robert H. Lister, 28-41

The Source of Ballast at a Florida Site, William M. Jones, 42-45

Underwater Archaeological Search with Sonar, Harold E. Edgerton, 46-53

Pictures of the Past: Artifact Density and Computer Graphics – 1744-1754, Reid W. Kaplan and Michael D. Coe, 54-67

The Vertebrate Fauna from a Late Eighteenth Century Well: The Bray Plantation, Kingsmill, Virginia, Michael Barber, 68-72

Mill Based Settlement Patterns in Schoharie County, New York: A Regional Study – 1856, 1866, William T. Langhorne, Jr., 73-92

The Coalescence of History and Archaeology, Joyce McKay, 93-98

Trade Networks and Interaction Spheres-A View from Silcott – 1900-1930, William H. Adams, 99-112

Jesuit Rings from Rock Island, Wisconsin – 1670-1730, 1750-1770, Carol I. Mason, 113-120


An Exotic Campsite in East Hudson Bay – 1939, George I. Quimby, 121-123

Alternative Uses for Clay Tobacco Pipes and Tobacco Pipe Fragments: Some Notes, Iain C. Walker, 124-127

Photographing Embossed Lettering on Glass, George Vandervlugt, 128-130

Three Lost Ceramic Artifacts from Frobisher’s Colony, 1578, Eric Klingelhofer, 131-134

REVIEWS, 135-140