Historical Archaeology; Volumes 11-20 (2); 1977-1986; Index

Compiled by Olive R. Jones

Volume 11, 1977

1976 Bicentennial SHA-ICUA Papers: Foreword, John L. Cotter, 1

Philadelphia as Industrial Archaeological Artifact: A Case Study, David G. Orr, 3-14

Forty Years of Archaeological Research at Morristown National Historical Park, Morristown, New Jersey -1779-1790, Edward S. Rutsch and Kim M. Peters, 15-38

Industrial Archaeology and the Cause for Historic Preservation in the United States, Theodore Anton Sande, 39-44

A Study of Cast Iron Nails -1776-1777, ca. 1780-1810, 1812-1814, Edward J. Lenik, 45-47

Ground-Penetrating Radar and Its Application to a Historical Archaeological Site -1720s to present, Jeff L. Kenyon and Bruce Bevan, 48-55

The Coxoh Colonial Project and Coneta, Chiapas, Mexico: A Provincial Maya Village under the Spanish Conquest, Thomas A. Lee, Jr. and Sidney D. Markman, 56-66

Analysis of Historic Faunal Remains, R. Lee Lyman, 67-73

Evidence of Early Spanish Contact on the Georgia Coast – ca. 1540-1560, Charles Pearson, 74-83

Brick Bats for Archaeologists: Values of Pressed Brick Brands -1880s-1940s, Roger E. Kelly and Marsha C. S. Kelly, 84-89

Alternative Applications of the Mean Ceramic Date Concept for Interpreting Human Behavior -1803-1833, William A. Turnbaugh and Sarah Peabody Turnbaugh, 90-104

Changes in Pearlware Dinnerware, 1780-1830, Lynne Sussman, 105-111

“Swedish” Colonial Yellow Bricks: Notes on their Uses and Possible Origins in 17th Century America, M. J. Becker, 112-118


Simple Methods and Materials for Preparing Drawings for Publication, Amanda G. Watlington and Donald R. Jackson, 119-122

Note on Foundation Preparation in Permafrost -1896 to present, Sheila J. Minni, 122-123

Clearing Up Impressed Potters Marks, Gerald H. Grosso and Timothy Jones, 124-125

REVIEWS, 126-133

Volume 12, 1978

The First Mexican Maiolicas: Imported and Locally Produced -16th century, Florence C. Lister and Robert H. Lister, 1-24

The Material Assemblage of 16th Century Spanish Florida -1570-1600, Kathleen Deagan, 25-50

A Canadian Perspective on Legislation and the Role of the Private Sector in Archaeology, Martin E. Weil, 51-57

Bottle Nomenclature: A Glossary of Landmark Terminology for the Archaeologist, John R. White, 58-67

Use-Marks on Historic Ceramics: A Preliminary Study -18th century, Dorothy M. Griffiths, 68-81

An Evaluation of the Mean Ceramic Date Formula as Applied to South’s Majolica Model -1702-1763, Shawn Bonath, 82-92

British Military Tableware, 1760-1830, Lynne Sussman, 93-104


Additional Notes on Alternative Uses for Clay Tobacco Pipes and Tobacco Pipe Fragments, Byron Sudbury, 105-107

REVIEWS, 108-118

Volume 13, 1979

The Function of Colono-Indian Ceramics: Insights from Limerick Plantation, South Carolina -1700-1850, William B. Lees and Kathryn M. Kimery-Lees, 1-13

Terra-Cotta Tobacco Pipes in 17th Century Maryland and Virginia: A Preliminary Study -1600-1720, Susan L. Henry, 14-37

Some Observations on the Quantitative Relationship between Stanley South’s Artifact Patterns and “Primary DeFacto” Refuse -1823-1904, Jeffrey P. Tordoff, 38-47

“Cash” as Currency: Coins and Tokens from Yreka Chinatown – ca. 1644-1946, Glenn J. Farris, 48-52

Times and Seasons: An Archaeological Perspective on Early Latter Day Saints Printing – ca.1840-1951, Robert T. Bray, 53-119


On Planning and Preservation, Vergil E. Noble, Jr., 120-122

REVIEWS, 123-130

Volume 14, 1980

Classification and Economic Scaling of 19th Century Ceramics – 1770-1881, George L. Miller, 1-40

Problems and Promises in Urban Historical Archaeology: The MARTA Project, Roy S. Dickens, Jr. and William R. Bowen, 42-57

Chinese Coins in Six Northwestern Aboriginal Sites -1644-1911, Herbert K. Beals, 58-72

The Plaza 11 Site Excavation of a Colonial Spanish Well in St. Augustine, Florida – 1700-1780, John A. Bostwick, 73-81

Coins at Michilimackinac – ca.1715-1789, Donald P. Heldman, 82-107

Nickel Silver: An Aspect of Material Culture Change in the Upper Great Lakes Indian Trade – 1833-1845, C. Stephan Demeter, 108-119

REVIEWS, 120-132

Volume 15 (1), 1981

Historical Archaeology in Yucatan: A Preliminary Framework – 1542 to present, Anthony P. Andrews, 1-18

Historical and Archaeological Evidence of 19th Century Fever Epidemics and Medicine at Hudson’s Bay Company’s Fort Vancouver – 1824-1836, Caroline D. Carley, 19-35

Caring for Artifacts after Excavation-Some Advice for Archaeologists, Katherine R. Singley, 36-48

Habitation Sites in the Papaloapan Estuarine Delta: Locational Characteristics – 19th century, Barbara L. Stark, 49-65

The Recycled Pots and Potsherds of Spain – Roman to 18th century, Florence C. Lister and Robert H. Lister, 66-78

The Utility of Small Samples from Historic Sites: Onderdonk, Clinton Avenue, and Van Campen – 17th century to present, Bert Salwen, Sarah T. Bridges, and Nan A. Rothschild, 79-94

An Introduction to the Tin Can – 1809-1965, Jane Busch, 95-104


A Turlington Balsam Phial from Montserrat, West Indies: Genuine or Counterfeit? – 1751, David R. Watters, 105-108

Notes on Unusual Clay Tobacco Pipes Found in Seattle – ca. 1840-1900, Michael A. Pfeiffer, 109-112

Witchcraft Pictographs from near Salem, Massachusetts, Richard Michael Gramly, 113-116

REVIEWS, 117-129

Volume 15 (2), 1981

Essence of Peppermint, a History of the Medicine and its Bottle – 1762-1920, Olive R. Jones, 1-57

Socioeconomic Patterning at an Undocumented Late 18th Century Lowcountry Site: Spiers Landing, South Carolina – 1780-1830, Lesley M. Drucker, 58-68

Chalmette National Historical Park: A Remote Sensing Project, Frances Joan Mathien and J. Richard Shenkel, 69-86

The Importance of the Hacienda in 19th Century Otumba and Apan, Basin of Mexico – 16th to 20th centuries, David M. Jones, 87-116

REVIEWS, 117-130

Volume 16 (1 and 2), 1982

East Liverpool Pottery District: Identification of Manufacturers and Marks – 1840-1970, William C. Gates, Jr. and Dana E. Ormerod, 1-358

Volume 17 (1), 1983

The J. C. Harrington Medal in Historical Archaeology, Robert L. Schuyler, 1-2

17th and 18th Century Lead-Glazed Redwares in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Sarah Peabody Turnbaugh, 3-17

A Vessel Typology for Early Chesapeake Ceramics: The Potomac Typological System – 17th century, Mary C. Beaudry, Janet Long, Henry M. Miller, Fraser D. Neiman, and Garry Wheeler Stone, 18-43

Faunal Remains and Social Status in 19th Century Sacramento – ca. 1850-1880s, Peter D. Schulz and Sherri M. Gust, 44-53

Pajatambo: An 18th Century Roadside Structure in Peru – mid 18th century, Colleen M. Beck, Eric E. Deeds, Shelia Pozorski, and Thomas Pozorski, 54-68

London Mustard Bottles – ca. 1800-1900, Olive R. Jones, 69-84

Arrastras: Unique Western Historic Milling Sites, Roger E. Kelly and Marsha C. S. Kelly, 85-95

The Recovery and Conservation of Water-Logged Goods from the Well Excavated at the Fort Loudoun Site, Fort Loudon, Pennsylvania – ca. 1756, Mark H. Denton and Joan S. Gardner, 96-103

REVIEWS, 104-118

Volume 17 (2), 1983

J. C. Harrington Medal in Historical Archaeology: Charles H. Fairbanks, >1-3

British Colonial Subsistence Strategy on the Southeastern Coastal Plain – 1736-1750, Elizabeth Reitz and Nicholas Honerkamp, 4-26

More on Gunflints – 17th to 19th centuries, Barry C. Kent, 27-40

An Analysis of East Asian Coins Excavated in Tucson, Arizona – late 19th to early 20th centuries, John W. Olsen, 41-55

The Differential Acceptance of Culture Change: An Archaeological Test Case – early to mid 20th century, Susan Kent, 56-63

North American Historic Sites Zooarchaeology, Robert L. Jolley, 64-79

Ceramic Supply in an Economically Isolated Frontier Community: Portage County of the Ohio Western Reserve, 1800-1825, George L. Miller and Silas D. Hurry, 80-92


Fathoming Fort Ross – 1817-1841, Glenn J. Farris, 93-99

Discovery of Human Remains from Sir John Franklin’s Last Expedition – 1845-1848, 1851-1967, Owen B. Beattie and James M. Savelle, 100-105


Charles C. Di Peso, 1920-1982, Donna J. Seifert, 106-111

REVIEWS, 112-129

Volume 18 (1), 1984

The Plantation Archaeology of the Southeastern Coast, Charles H. Fairbanks, 1-14

Old Slip and Cruger’s Wharf at New York: An Archaeological Perspective of the Colonial American Waterfront – 17th to 18th centuries, Paul R. Huey, 15-37

Just What Can a 19th Century Bottle Tell Us? – late 19th to 20th centuries, Edward Staski, 38-51

Historical Archaeology in Abandoned Nitrate “Oficinas” in Northern Chile: A Preliminary Report – late 19th century to present, Bente Bittmann and Gerda Alcaide, 52-75

Majolica Escudillas of the 15th and 16th Centuries: A Typological Analysis of 55 Examples from Qsar es-Seghir – 1458-1550, James L. Boone III, 76-86

The Potters’ Quarter of Colonial Puebla, Mexico – 1580 to present, Florence C. Lister and Robert H. Lister, 87-102


Building Materials Indicative of Status Differentiation at the Crown Point Barracks – 1759-1783, Lois M. Feister, 103-107

Nightsoil Disposal Practices of the 19th Century and the Origin of Artifacts in Plowzone Proveniences, Daniel G. Roberts and David Barrett, 108-115

REVIEWS, 116-132

Volume 18 (2), 1984

J. C. Harrington Medal in Historical Archaeology: John L. Cotter, 1-3

Archaeomagnetic Anomalies of Midcontinental North American Archaeological Sites, Ralph R. B. von Frese, 4-19

Combined Magnetic and Chemical Surveys of Forts Kaskaskia and de Chartres Number 1, Illinois – ca. 1730 to present, John W. Weymouth and William 1. Woods, 20-37

Magnetometry for Archaeological Exploration of Historical Sites – 1717-1791, Ralph R. B. von Frese and Vergil E. Noble, 38-53

An Unorthodox Magnetic Survey of a Large Forested Historic Site – ca.1830-1920, Randall J. Mason, 54-63

The Discovery of the Taylor House at the Petersburg National Battlefield – ca.1760-1864, Bruce W. Bevan, David G. Off, and Brooke S. Blades, 64-74

Ceramic Variability in 17th Century St. Augustine, Florida, Julia King, 75-82

Machine-Made Glass Containers and the End of Production for Mouth-Blown Bottles – 20th century, George L. Miller and Catherine Sullivan, 83-96

Cans in the Countryside – 19th century, James T. Rock, 97-111

City Tavern, Country Tavern: An Analysis of Four Colonial Sites – late 17th to early 18th centuries, Diana Diz Rockmart and Nan A. Rothschild, 112-121

REVIEWS, 122-138

Volume 19 (1), 1985

16th-Century Spanish Basque Coopering, Lester A. Ross, 1-31

Archaeology and History on Historic Hispanic Sites: Impediments and Solutions, Kathleen Deagan and Michael Scardaville, 32-37

Impact of Mechanization in the Glass Container Industry: The Dominion Glass Company of Montreal, a Case Study – 1900-1933, George L. Miller and Antony Pacey, 38-50

The Sorghum Industry of a l9th-Century Cotton Plantation in South Carolina, Charles E. Orser, Jr., 51-64

The Dynamics of Razing: Lessons from the Barnhisel House – 1845-ca. 1930, John R. White and P. Nick Kardulias, 65-75


Historic Zooarchaeology: Some Methodological Considerations, Pam J. Crabtree, 76-78

Rapid Projected Mapping: An Alternative Mapping Technique for the Archaeologist, J. Stephen Alexandrowicz, 79-85

Archaeological Notes on a California Chinese Shrimp Boiler – 1870-ca. 1914, Peter D. Schulz and Frank Lortie, 86-95

Response to Review of “Indian Social Dynamics in the Period of European Contact, Robert C. Mainfort, Jr., 96-97

Excavations at Martin’s Hundred Church, James City County, Virginia: Techniques for Testing a 17th Century Church Site – ca. 1630-ca. 1710, Eric Klingelhofer and William Henry, 98-105


lain C. Walker, 1938-1984, Olive R. Jones, 106-110

REVIEWS, 111-127

Volume 19 (2), 1985

J. C. Harrington Medal in Historical Archaeology: Kenneth E. Kidd, 1-4

Commodity Flows and National Market Access< – 1880-1930, ca. 1890-ca. 1910, 1880-1930, 1838-1885, 5-18

The Recent Fur Trade in Northwestern Saskatchewan – 19th to 20th centuries, Hetty Jo Brumbach, 19-39

Patterns of Cultural Behavior and Intra-site Distributions of Faunal Remains at the Widow Harris Site – ca. 1813-1870, Cynthia R. Price, 40-56

Archaeology of the Cod Fishery: Damariscove Island – 1622 to 20th century, Alaric Faulkner, 57-86

Glass Trade Beads: A Progress Report, Roderick Sprague, 87-105


Drawing with Chemicals, David Gillio, 106-109

The Use of Fish Remains as a Socio-Economic Measure: An Example from 19th Century New England – 1830-1840, 1845-1885, David A. Singer, 110-113

Archaeological Test at the Russian Three Saints Bay Colony, Alaska – 1784-ca.1850, Donald W. Clark, 114-121


Charles Herron Fairbanks, 1913-1984, Kathleen Deagan, 122-124

REVIEWS, 125-141

Volume 20 (1), 1986

Historical Archaeology in Sub-Saharan Africa–A Review, Merrick Posnansky and Christopher R. Decorse, 1-14

Fur Trade Archaeology: A Study of Frontier Hierarchies – 1803-1804, Charles R. Ewen, 15-28

Urban Adaptation in Charleston, South Carolina, 1730-1820, Martha A. Zierden and Jeanne A. Calhoun, 29-43

Domestic Adaptation at Puerto Real, Haiti – 1503-1603, Bonnie G. McEwan, 44-49

On the Archaeology of Early Canals: Research on the Patowmack Canal in Great Falls, Virginia – 1785-1828, Richard J. Dent, 50-62

Maintenance and Fabrication at Fort Pentagoet 1635-1654: Products of an Acadian Armorer’s Workshop, Alaric Faulkner, 63-94

Documentation and Identification of the Two-Masted Schooner Neptune – 1822-1900, James P. Delgado, 95-108

REVIEWS, 109-125

Volume 20 (2), 1986

J. C. Harrington Medal in Historical Archaeology: George Irving Quimby, 1-3

Urban Farmsteads: Household Responsibilities in the City – 19th century, Leslie C. Stewart-Abernathy, 5-15

Measures of the Acculturative Response to Trade on the Central Coast of British Columbia – late 18th to late 19th centuries, Philip M. Hobler, 16-26

Computer-Correcting Historical Maps for Archaeological Use – 1877, Thomas E. Davidson, 27-37

The Archaeology of Historical Land Use in Massachusetts, Mary C. Beaudry, 38-46

Urban/Rural Contrasts in Vertebrate Fauna from the Southern Atlantic Coastal Plain – 18th century to mid 19th century, Elizabeth J. Reitz, 47-58

Of Fish and Sherds: A Model for Estimating Vessel Populations from Minimal Vessel Counts – 1824-1832, George L. Miller and Meredith Moodey, 59-85


Followup Notes on the 17th Century Cod Fishery at Damariscove Island, Maine – 1622-1676, Alaric Faulkner, 86-88

Soil Chemistry and Historic Archaeological Site Activity Areas: A Test Case from Northern Delaware – 19th century, Jay F. Custer, Ellis C. Coleman, Wade P. Catts, and Kevin W. Cunningham, 89-94

REVIEWS, 95-111