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This link contains a list of bibliographic references submitted by SHA’s web viewers. This list should be considered an addendum to John Cotter’s A Bibliography of Historical Archaeology in North America, North of Mexico. Additional references are welcome and encouraged! To submit a citation, type the full reference in the body of an e-mail message. Please do not use tabs or indents. Simply type the author’s name on the first line, with additional information on the following line (as shown below). By sending us formatted citations via e-mail, you will greatly help us to efficiently maintain this bibliography. Additions, corrections, and comments should be forwarded to the SHA Webmaster. As these are references suggested by website visitors, SHA is not responsible for the content or accuracy of these citations.

The following references are in alphabetical order by author name. To find references about a particular topic, use the “Find” command in your web browser. For most browsers this command is located under the “Edit” menu.