Many archaeologists are fond of bibliographies. They provide an excellent way of organizing previous research, and assist researchers in locating sometimes hard-to-find references. Bibliographies are often works in progress. Please note that as these are contributed bibliographies, they are not all in SHA format.

More popular works on historical archaeology are listed at Readings in Historical Archaeology.

Download Archaeology and Architecture of the Overseas Chinese: A Bibliography (PDF file), compiled by Peter D. Schulz and Rebecca Allen.

John L. Cotter’s A Bibliography of Historical Archaeology in North America, North of Mexico includes hundreds of bibliographic references from historical archaeology’s earliest beginnings up to the early 1980s. SHA lost one of its pioneer archaeologists when John Cotter passed away in 1999.

Bibliography of Florence C. and Robert F. Lister known for their work on Spanish tradition ceramics (especially maiolica).
Compiled by Bill Lipe, with help from Mark Varien and Donna Seifert.

Some of SHA’s web viewers have contributed a compilation of bibliographic references to a Submitted Bibliography of Historical Archaeology. As these are references suggested by website visitors, SHA is not responsible for the content or accuracy of these references. Additions, corrections, and comments should be forwarded to the SHA Webmaster.

The SHA has published several Guides to Archaeological Literature.  We hope to have these available online in the near future.

Interested in compiling an online bibliography? Contact the SHA Webmaster.