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In true end-of-the-year fashion, this blog post is dedicated to all of the #SHA2016 Conference blog posts we have posted over the course of 2015.  In an effort to get SHA members excited about #SHA2016, we have posted about archaeology in and around the D.C. area this year. Please click on the links below, to review our year!   


Jan 12, 2015 Please join us for #SHA2016!

Jan 26, 2015 Who Digs in D.C.?

March 07, 2015 Historical Archaeology at George Washington’s Mount Vernon

March 09, 2015 Archaeology on a Shoe-String in the District of Columbia: An Introduction to the DC Historic Preservation Office

April 07, 2015 Alexandria Archaeology: The City of Alexandria’s Archaeological Protection Code turns 25!

April 21, 2015 Maryland Historical Trust and the “Archeological Synthesis” Project

 May 18, 2015 Reflections on Archaeology in the District of Columbia

 June 01, 2015 Archaeology in the Community: Stepping up and Reaching out

 June 15, 2015 5 Archaeological Things to See and Do in Washington D.C.

June 29, 2015 7 Archaeological Things to See and Do in Washington D.C.

July 13, 2015 #SHA2016 Conference: Let’s Trend from the Field!

July 28, 2015 #SHA2016: D.C. participates in #dayofarch!

Aug 24, 2015 #SHA2016 Ethics Bowl: Let’s Get Ethical!

Nov 02, 2015 Spotlight on #SHA2016 Workshops

Nov 16, 2015 #SHA2016: Tips for Getting Around D.C.

Nov 30, 2015 #SHA2016 Tips for Your Stay in D.C.

In addition, the Society for American Archaeology PEC Network of State Organizers has been featuring public archaeology in each state on their Facebook page.  D.C. was recently featured during the week of November 22-27, 2015. We have provided the same links that SAA provided, below. Check them out!


Nov 22, 2015


When and Where: Where do you find archaeology in a big city like Washington, DC?

D.C. is home base to many of our biggest archaeology and historic preservation organizations. Here is information on the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers


Nov 23, 2015


The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian is an important institution committed to bringing Native voices to what the museum writes and presents. They care for one of the world’s most expansive collections of Native artifacts, including objects, photographs, archives, and media. Their education page is pretty fantastic! View their online collections, play “Infinity of National Culture Quest,” and find resources on resources for schools. 

The National Park Services NCR Regional Archeology Program in D.C. has created a fabulous website to for those wanting to learn about excavations, preservation, and the management of archaeological resources in the D.C. area. There are many great resources for kids!


Nov 24, 2015


Do you know who Yarrow Mamout is?

Archaeologists are learning about Mamout, a freed slave and Muslim who was taken from Africa in 1752 and sold into slavery. Check out the Washington Post article, here!

A wonderful example of community and archaeology in D.C. “So what we are doing today is a most important claiming of memory: That our identity will not be shaken . . . that we have survived slavery.” Check out the Washington Post article, here!


Nov 25, 2015


Mark your calendars for April! The NPS-NACE and the DC HPO will partner again to offer hands-on archaeology activities and mock digs on Sunday April 17, 2016, at the Anacostia River Festival.

The DC HPO also gets involved in the Day of Archaeology Festival. Here is some coverage from this past July.


Nov 26, 2015


Washington Underground: Archaeology in Downtown Washington, DC. Here’s a great resource that was created in 2003 by the Center for Heritage Resource Studies at the University of Maryland – a little ahead of their time! Even after 13 years, archaeology is timeless! And this is a great template on how to create other versions of archaeology walking tours in your community.

WAMU (American University Radio) program on the Yarrow Mamout project.

Keep up with Archaeology in the Community through their blog!

A simple search for “archaeology” on the Smithsonian’s Education website brings up 19 archaeology-based lessons for classroom teachers!


Nov 27, 2015


The NPS NACE has YouTube features of the Urban Archaeology Corps. This video is just one of many!

Yarrow Mamout Archaeology Project

Archaeology in the Community is available on Facebook by clicking the tag, and their also on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

National Trust for Historic Preservation

NPS: Heritage and Historic Preservation


Remember: Look for and use #SHA2016 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. during the Conference next week!

Happy New Year and see you next week,

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