Trade Networks and Interaction Spheres: A View From Silcott


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Category: .
Subject: ,Site Type,Communities,Towns
Topic: Interdependence of trade networks
Volume: 10
Year: 1976
Authors: Adams, William H.
Summary: strated here that Silcott , as part of a national WILLIAM H . ADAMS interaction sphere , was linked to such places as Hershey , Pennsylvania even though the Trade Networks and Interaction individual strands within the network are Spheres - A View from Silcott not known . What is important is that He
Verity Title: Trade Networks and Interaction Spheres--A View from Silcott
Continent: North America
Country: US
Region: Pacific Northwest
State: Washington
Keywords: Trade networks, Economics, Interaction sphere, Neighboring, Social boundaries, Wage labor, Dyadic social contract, Country general store, Transportation, Mail order, World System
Time: 19th-20th