Members of the Society for Historical Archaeology have long engaged in scholarship, outreach, and advocacy that addresses the historical roots and modern experiences of systemic racism. Organizationally, SHA is working on a number of initiatives with the goal of promoting values of equality, diversity  and inclusion within our profession and in our world. Below are a list of of concrete steps we are taking to fight racism and move towards our goal of an all-inclusive SHA.

Current initiatives

Continue ongoing advocacy for the passage of the African American Burial Grounds Bill. See also: Abandoned Burial Grounds
Continue to hold anti-racism workshops and audit outcomes.
Complete a Memorandum of Understanding with the Society of Black Archaeologists that formalizes our institutional relationship and promotes collaboration.

Short-term goals

Feature a Black Lives Matter section of the website that highlights archaeological projects focused on Black lives. 
Raise our Black membership by at least 1% every year. When successful, double our pledge for the following year.  Extend this pledge to other minority groups.
Start a scholarship for one African American who wants to attend a field school.  Grow the scholarship over time with active fundraising.
Provide free or discounted conference registration fees to local HBCU’s, Native American institutions, and other minority institutions.

Link to SHA statement on response to the death of George Floyd 

SHA Committees

Gender and Minority Affairs Committee

Government Affairs

Further resources 

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African/Diaspora/African American Archaeology syllabi