2018 Fields Schools

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Canada and the United States

Karst Field Studies Program


  • Karst Geology, June 3-9, Dr. Art Palmer
  • Exploration of Mammoth Cave, June 18-22, Mr. Bruce Hatcher and Mr. David Kem
  • Karst Resources of Grand Canyon National Park, June 18-24, Dr. Ben Tobin and Dr. Abe Springer
  • Visualization of Karst Field Data, June 11-16, Dr. Pat Kambesis and Mr. Howard Kalnitz
  • Field Cave Ecology, anticipated July (official dates not yet determined), Dr. Julian Lewis
  • Show Cave Interpretation and Education, August 5-10, Dr. Leslie North

Courses may be taken for graduate, undergraduate, or continuing education credit. Courses may also be taken as non-credit workshops.

For more information about the program, courses, how to register, and instructor bios, please visit www.karstfieldstudies.com.

If you have any questions please contact the Karst Field Studies Director, Dr. Leslie North, at leslie.north@wku.edu.
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