The following provides information on what electronic symposium organizers need to do in order to have their sessions posted on the SHA web site.

Please send Kelly Dixon ( a Word file with the symposium title, abstract, and listing of the papers (author’s last name) in the order that they will be presented at the conference (yes – we know that you have already submitted this information through the online submission process – but it will make things easy for us if you send this to us also).

Then, send pdfs of EACH of the completed session papers to Please label each pdf in the following manner: author’s last name, first name, and paper title (e.g., Smith_John_Historical Archaeology Benefits the Public). If you wish to send an accompanying Power Point with each/certain paper(s), please also label those in the same manner, with the suffix, “PPT” (e.g., Smith_John_Historical Archaeology Benefits the Public_PPT).

In order to give folks time to read the papers before the conference, we would like to have your Word file and pdfs of each session paper by November 16, 2007. The papers will be posted on the SHA web site by no later than December 1, 2007, and a broadcast email will be sent to all SHA members announcing the posting of the papers. If you wish, you can then send the SHA link to other listserves.

If you have any questions, contact Terry Klein at

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