After a long week recuperating from Baltimore, here are a few things to read and watch about historical archaeology that you may have missed!


Two articles appeared in the St. Augustine Record, one about a metal detectorist, the other about a new reality TV Show about digging up back yards. Kathleen Deagan is given an opportunity to respond, and defends the value of archaeology and the difference between finding things and discovering history.

Larry McKee discusses an unnamed Civil War soldier buried in Franklin Tennessee. His analysis suggests the soldier was of mixed Native American and European ancestry.

The Archaeological Conservancy has purchased a site in Washington County, Maryland that is home to a colonial British fortification from the French and Indian War.

Monticello and the Smithsonian will highlight African American stories in upcoming joint exhibitions.

Online Resources

The National Park Service Museum Collections are now completely live and searchable! 

Barbara Little has built a new wiki for Cultural Heritage Practitioners.

Journals and Books

The new issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science is out.

The Blogs

Florida Public Archaeology’s North Central Blog “ShovelBytes” writes about The steamboat Madison, who lies on the bottom of Troy Spring Run in Troy Spring State Park.

The Dirt on Public Archaeology investigates the pros and cons of the Mock Dig.

See the African American Burial Ground’s photostream on Flickr of the ceramics excavated from their site. Then, follow them on twitter for more information on African American history and archaeology!

Lastly, a video from Project Archaeology highlighting their Archaeology Educator Field School:

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