Posted On: 09/01/2016

 In April 2016, the Society for Historical Archaeology published Finding Hidden Voices of the Chinese Railroad Workers: An Archaeological and Historical Journey, a collaborative effort with the Chinese Historical Society of America, the Chinese Railroad Workers in North American Project at Stanford University, PAR Environmental Services, Inc., and Environmental Science Associates. Authors Mary Maniery, Rebecca Allen, and Sarah Heffner joined forces with archaeologists, historians, graphic artists, and railroad worker descendants to trace the journey of Chinese railroad workers from southern China to the western United States during the 19th century.

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This visually stunning volume uses artifacts, drawings, and historic photographs to explore the material lives of often-unnamed workers.  It celebrates the massive achievements of the Chinese railroad workers and the sacrifices they made while helping to connect Americans through an extensive network of transcontinental and regional railroads. This volume is on sale at the SHA bookstore