Why be a Member?

Membership Information

Why Be A Member?
Membership in the society is open to professionals and interested lay persons who share an interest in history and anthropological interpretations as they emerge from archaeological research and the study of written records.
Individual memberships include the following:

  • Regular ($140)*
  • New Professional ($105)*
  • Student (full-time) ($80)*
  • Retired($85)*
  • Friend($175)
  • Developer ($250)
  • Benefactor ($400)
  • Life ($3600)

All individual members receive the society's journal, Historical Archaeology, and the SHA Newsletter. New Professional membership is available for two years only to members within five years of employment in historical archaeolog.  Individual members also may vote, hold office, serve on committees, and participate in the annual conference at member rates. The friend, developer, and benefactor levels include a regular membership and a contribution to support the expanding programs of the SHA. Friends receive recognition at the annual conference. Developers are acknowledged at the annual meeting, plus their names are listed in the newsletter. Benefactors receive conference recognition, their names are listed in the newsletter, plus their names are published in the journal.

An Adjunct membership ($50) is available for the partner of any individual member and allows a household to share one set of publications. Adjunct members may vote, hold office, serve on committees, and participate in the annual conference at member rates, but do not receive publications.

Institution memberships ($215)* are designed for organizations such as museums, libraries, government agencies, or businesses. Institutions receive the society's journal and newsletter.

Memberships are for the calendar year (1 January-31 December). Publications are issued quarterly in March, June, October, and December. 

* Membership rates vary according to the country of residence.

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