2017 Fields Schools

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Canada and the United States

Jamestown Archaeology Field School 2017, Jamestown, Virginia
May 30-July 7, 2017; 6 credits; applications due: April 14, 2017
Website: http://historicjamestowne.org/archaeology/field-school-2017/

Jamestown’s Field School provides a unique opportunity for students to make a contribution to the research and interpretation of early 17th-century English-America. The Field School, jointly offered by the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation and the University of Virginia, introduces participants to the methods and theories of American historical archaeology through hands-on fieldwork. Students will be helping to expand our understanding of the site of James Fort (1607-1624) as well as the events of 1619, which include the first representative assembly meeting and the arrival of the first Africans. Over the course of the Field School, students will learn excavation and recording procedures as well as how to identify and interpret 17th-century European and Native American artifacts. The Field School will include field trips and weekly seminars exploring recent contributions of historical archaeology to colonial history, new methods in field recording and interpretation, and a survey of the recent literature in the discipline. Both novice and experienced students will learn practical archaeological skills and the course is also an excellent educational opportunity for teachers seeking recertification in the social studies content area.

Gratiot’s Grove Archaeological Field School, Shullsburg, Wisconsin
May 24-June 14, 2017; applications due: March 15, 2017

This excavation and field school will take place at the site of Gratiot’s Grove, the center of a vibrant 19th century multi-ethnic mining community located near Shullsburg, Wisconsin. Our goal is to learn more about the lives of miners, settlers and native communities living at or near Gratiot’s Grove via archaeological and archival research. This field school offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to participate in an academic research project. No experience is necessary, and students will learn basic field and laboratory methods in archaeology while investigating the history of this fascinating archaeological site. For more information please contact Dr. Guido Pezzarossi: gpezzaro@maxwell.syr.edu. Application deadline is March 15.

Link to the Facebook page for the field school: https://www.facebook.com/gratiotgrovearch/

Fort Saint-Jean Archaeological Field School
July 10-August 11, 2017; Application Deadline: April 21st, 2017
6 Credits at Université Laval

Join us for a five-week archaeological field school at Fort Saint-Jean, Québec – a military post occupied by Euro-Americans from 1666 to the present day. Université Laval, in partnership with the Fort Saint-Jean Museum, offers a program of comprehensive training and experience in field and laboratory methods and public outreach. Surrounded by 18th century ramparts on the grounds of the Royal Military College, Saint-Jean, the team will investigate the archaeology of a site essential to American/Canadian history and relations. Over the past seven seasons, the field schools have uncovered remains ranging from pre-contact Native American artifacts through military signatures dating from the 17th to the 19th century. American and Canadian students will work together in a French/English bilingual environment, taught by a team of American and Canadian archaeologists. Tuition of $2,700 US includes six credits at Université Laval, housing, and six meals a week.

Contact: Andrew R. Beaupré (arbeaupre@email.wm.edu) – (802) 466- 4491, http://www.museedufortsaintjean.ca/

Fields Schools in Central, South America and the Caribbean

Fields Schools in Europe

Fields Schools in Australia

Willow Court Asylum, New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia
February 7-13, 2017, Flinders University

Human Osteology Laboratory Intensive
October 30 – November 3, 2017, Flinders University

Introductory Archaeological Geophysics, Adelaide, Australia
September 18-29, 2017, Flinders University

Ethnoarchaeology Port Lincoln, Australia
April 10-14, 2017, Flinders University

Conservation Practicum Adelaide, Australia
September 18-29, 2017, Flinders University

Cultural Heritage and the Law Summer School – Adelaide, Australia
February 6-10, 2017, Flinders University

Maritime Archaeology Field Sschool
Philip Island, Victoria, Australia
January 27 – February 12, 2017, Flinders University