Archeology and the National Register


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Subject: CRM
Topic: Appeal to archaeologists to more fully utilize federal legislation for site protection
Volume: 7
Year: 1973
Authors: Utley, Robert M.
Summary: Not long ago we could complain indignantly about the short-sightedness of engineers, technicians, and builders who flooded, plowed, and bulldozed archeological sites in the name of progress. That time has passed. New laws have been enacted, and newer ones are being conceived, erecting safeguards for archeological sites and other cultural and environmental values while permitting the builders to go on with their necessary tasks. We have been given legal tools with which to defend our archeological resources. If we do not use them, we share in the responsibility for the continuing loss of these resources.
Verity Title: Archeology and the National Register
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Keywords: CRM, National Register of Historic Places, Preservation, Funding, SHPO, Section 106, Salvage archaeology, Site protection, Executive Order 11593, Cultural Property, Archaeological survey