Education and Gender in New Philadelphia


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Volume: 44
Year: 2010
Authors: Emily G. Helton
Summary: Education plays a vital role in any society, providing a process by which young community members are enculturated. New Philadelphia included two segregated schools until approximately 1874, when an integrated schoolhouse was constructed nearby. Historical documents and oral histories provide guides to archaeological investigations of those structures, and a likely foundation stone of one school was located in excavations, as were artifacts related to educational activities. Institutional education in 19th-century America can be understood as assigning value to specific knowledge, behaviors, and beliefs. Before public education became mandatory, parents were given choices as to how their children would be educated, and which of their offspring they could afford to send to school. Education is examined in New Philadelphia through a study utilizing U.S. census data, and is an ideal subject for an analysis of race, gender, and class dynamics.
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