Ceramics and Commerce: The 1554 flota Revisited


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Topic: Integration of terrestial and maritime archaeology for more holistic interpretive framework
Volume: 21
Number: 2
Year: 1987
Summary: The remains of the 1554flotu. commonly known as the Padre Island shipwrecks, are well known to historical archaeologists not only for the protracted court cases associated with one of the wrecks but for the high quality of archaeological and historic research conducted on them. This paper reevaluates the recovered ceramic materials in light of the past decades ongoing research in this area of Hispanic 16th century material culture. This information is utilized to pose future research questions and to suggest how submerged and terrestrial site evidence can be integrated to afford a more holistic view of the dynamic Spanish world-system whose static remains are the essence of archaeological study.
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Region: Southwest
State: TEXAS
Keywords: Spanish colonial, Ships, Shipwrecks, Ceramics, World System, Maritime landscape, Dating, Underwater, Underwater archaeology, Trade networks, Socioeconomic status, Majolica, Earthenware, Tin-glazed, Stoneware, Olive jars, Casks
Time: 16th Century