In the last few years a new type of presentation format reflecting the rhythm of our busy modern societies was created: the Pecha Kucha! In 2003, an architect group located in Tokyo, Japan, noticed that speakers tended to get lost in their communication, rendering a hard-to-follow and long presentation. The group thus decided not only to limit the time of the presentations but also the content. The basic rule is simple: each speaker must present their research in 20 images shown for 20 seconds for a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds of presentation. Speakers must then synthetize their ideas and present it in a clear and concise way.

My Research in a Nutshell

Pecha Kucha is an interesting platform since it allows for the presentation of one’s research in a concise format and in an environment meant to be less formal than regular sessions. Indeed, presenters can introduce research whatever its state: the topic, a literature review, methodology, preliminary results, etc. Additionally, not only is Pecha Kucha a perfect medium for dissemination, but it is also a great time to collaboratively brainstorm as it is followed with a period of interaction with the audience!

We invite all interested students and young professionals to register to the “My research in a nutshell” session organised for the 2014 SHA conference to be held in Quebec City, Canada. Whatever your topic and the state of your research you are more than welcome to present it and discuss it with others. Remember that you do not need results to present in our version of the Pecha Kucha! Registration is simple: send your name, affiliation and the title/topic of your presentation (no need for an abstract) to Acceptation will be based on a first-come first-served basis so do not wait too long!

Make sure to check out the next post for another new and exciting activity for students!

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