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Historical archaeology is a diverse discipline with investigations in both terrestrial and underwater contexts. This page is dedicated to sharing information about these projects.

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Historical Landscapes of New Philadelphia

URL: http://www.anthro.uiuc.edu/faculty/cfennell/NP/
Organization: Historical Landscapes of New Philadelphia
Region: North America
Comments: This site presents information available from archaeological investigations, maps, surveys, deeds, census data, tax records, and newspaper archives concerning the town New Philadelphia, Illinois, which was the first town in the United States planned and legally founded by an African American. A collaborative project of archaeologists, historians, and members of the local and descendant communities is underway to further research the social history of this demographically integrated town and to enhance its focus in our national memory and heritage.

African Diaspora Archaeology Network and Newsletter

URL: http://www.diaspora.uiuc.edu/
Organization: African Diaspora Archaeology Network and Newsletter
Region: Africa
Comments: The African Diaspora Archaeology Network and Newsletter provide focal points for archaeological studies of African diasporas, with news, current research, information and links to other web resources related to the archaeology and history of descendants of African peoples. Through this engagement with African diasporas, the ADAN seeks to connect an intellectual community that considers the historical processes of racialization, gender, power, and culture operating within and upon African descendant communities.

Historical Archaeology in Harpers Ferry and Loudoun Valley

URL: http://www.histarch.uiuc.edu/harper/loudoun.html
Organization: Historical Archaeology in Harpers Ferry and Loudoun Valley
Region: North America
Comments: Archaeological and historical research concerning 18th and 19th century sites in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and nearby Loudoun Valley, Virginia, as well as the broader region of the upper Potomac and northern Shenandoah Valleys.

Utah Pottery Project

URL: http://www.social.mtu.edu/faculty/Scarlett/Research/UPP/upphome.htm
Organization: Utah Pottery Project
Region: United States
Comments: The Utah Pottery Project is dedicated to the archaeological, historical, and scientific study of Utah's 19th Century immigrant potters. We seek to gather into one place information about the potters, their families, their work, their products, and their contributions to the history of Utah.

West Point Foundry Archaeology Project

URL: http://www.westpointfoundry.org
Organization: , Industrial Heritage and Archaeology, Department of Social Sciences, Michigan Technological University
Region: North America
Comments: The West Point Foundry (1818-1912) began operating as a munitions contractor making cannon and shot. The foundry grew to employ hundreds of workers manufacturing a wide array of weaponry and ordinance, steam engines, water wheels, iron clad sailing ships, architectural elements, domestic stoves and ovens, and innumerable other cast iron objects. The foundry's prominent owners were among the first industrialists to employ "vertically integrated" production, where they controlled every aspect of manufacture from extracting raw ore to marketing their finished products.

Plymouth Colony Archive Project

URL: http://www.histarch.uiuc.edu/plymouth/
Organization: Plymouth Colony Archive Project
Region: North America
Comments: This Plymouth Colony Archive presents a collection of fully searchable texts, including: court records, colony laws, seventeenth century journals and memoirs, probate inventories, wills, town plans, maps, and fort plans; research and seminar analyses of numerous topics; biographical profiles of selected colonists; and architectural, archaeological and material culture studies. Among other works, published here for the first time are a "Glossary and Notes on Plymouth Colony," "Seventeenth Century Timber Framing," and "Vernacular House Forms in Seventeenth Century Plymouth Colony: An Analysis of Evidence from the Plymouth Colony Room-by-Room Probate Inventories 1633-1685," by Patricia Scott Deetz and James Deetz. We also present studies focusing on broader regional and temporal scales, including Jim Deetz's analysis of changes over time in Anglo-American gravestone styles in New England, and discussion of the Parting Ways site and archaeological evidence found there of architectural forms and mortuary practices consistent with elements of African-American heritage. In addition, we present a number of tributes concerning the works of Prof. Deetz (1930-2000) in historical archaeology.

African-American Archaeology, History and Cultures

URL: http://www.anthro.uiuc.edu/faculty/cfennell/bookmark3.html
Organization: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Region: north america
Comments: This web site is designed to provide convenient access to online presentations and resources concerning the subjects of African-American archaeology, history and cultures, and broader subjects of African diaspora archaeology. The principal focus is on providing links to online presentations concerning African-American archaeology projects. Additional links to online resources and presentations concerning African-American history and culture, African archaeology, African history and cultures, African heritage in Britain, and the subjects of slavery, resistance and abolition are also provided.

Historical Archaeology Resources and Bibliography

URL: http://www.anthro.uiuc.edu/faculty/cfennell/syllabus/anth106/HAsyllabus.htm
Organization: Historical Archaeology Resources and Bibliography
Region: africa
Comments: Historical archaeology resource links, bibliography and course plan.

Texas Beyond History (Texas Archeological Research Laboratory, University of Texas-Austin)

URL: http://www.TexasBeyondHistory.net
Organization: Texas Beyond History
Region: North America
Comments: Texas Beyond History is a virtual museum covering 13,500 years of human history, from Clovis hunter-gatherers to Spanish Colonial missionaries, frontier soldiers, and 20th-century Mexican-American cotton farmers. More than 7,500 images and interactive graphics illustrate nearly 100 online "exhibits" on significant archeological sites as well as broad, thematic presentations, such as "Nineteenth-Century Forts and the Clash of Cultures on the Texas Frontier." There are also correlated resources for K-12 students, curricula for teachers, illustrated glossaries, and FAQ's for learning about the discipline of archeology. Created at the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory (University of Texas at Austin) in collaboration with dozens of experts in archeology, history, and related fields from across the state, the website is designed to share the meaningful results of research with the citizens of Texas and the world.


URL: http://www.underwaterarchaeology.gr
Organization: Underwater Archaeology in Greece
Region: europe
Comments: UnderwaterArchaeology.gr provides information on the underwater cultural heritage field in Greece, as well as the world, including news, projects, surveys, excavations, resources, conservation of archaeological material, legislation, history of the field, research institutions, academic programs, numerous useful references and various material on the protection of our underwater cultural heritage.

Mount Lowe Archaeology Project - Stanford University

URL: http://www.stanford.edu/~scamp/mountlowe
Organization: Mount Lowe Archaeology Project
Region: united states
Comments: The Mount Lowe Archaeology Project is a collaborative effort between Stanford University and Angeles National Forest dedicated to the study of Mount Lowe Resort and Railway, one of the most popular tourist sites in late 19th and early 20th century America. Stanford University doctoral candidate, Stacey Lynn Camp, is director and Co-Principal Investigator of the project. This project is currently investigating the material remnants of an early 20th century railway workers' camp located at the historic resort. Please see the website for more information on the project's progress and history.

Archaeology Expert

URL: http://archaeologyexpert.co.uk/
Organization: Archaeology Expert
Region: europe
Comments: Archaeology Expert was developed to offer information to anybody who is interested in learning more about archaeology. It covers a wide range of topics, from basic understanding of archaeological concepts to interesting archaeological finds and much more...

Yates Community Archaeological Project

URL: http://www.publicarchaeology.org/yates/
Organization: Yates Community Archaeological Project
Region: sw us

Levi Jordan Plantation

URL: http://www.publicarchaeology.org/webarchaeology/html/Default.htm
Organization: Levi Jordan Plantation
Region: sw us

Historical Archaeology- Florida Museum of Natural History

URL: http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/histarch/gallery_types/
Organization: Historical Archaeology Digital Ceramic type Collection
Region: north america
Comments: The Florida Museum of Natural History's on-line type collections of historic period archaeological ceramics (1492-1850) is a fully searchable digital resource.

Centre for Maritime Archaeology, University of Ulster, Coleraine

URL: http://www.science.ulster.ac.uk/cma/
Organization: Centre for Maritime Archaeology, University of Ulster, Coleraine
Region: europe

Asian American Comparative Collection

URL: http://www.uidaho.edu/LS/AACC/
Organization: Asian American Comparative Collection
Region: nw us
Comments: The AACC, is a clearinghouse for all information regarding the Chinese and Japanese heritage of the United States with special emphasis on the Northwest including Idah, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Website contains photographs, stories, artifact illustrations and photos, links to other related sites, and much more. In addition, you can purchase publications not found anywhere else on the Chinese and Japanese in America and beyond.

Joint Courts Complex Archaeological Data Recovery Project

URL: http://www.pima.gov/JointCourts/
Organization: Pima County, Arizona, and Statistical Research, Inc.
Region: sw us
Comments: The Joint Courts Complex website provides information about an ongoing archaeological data recovery project in downtown Tucson, Arizona. The project is being conducted for Pima County, Arizona, by Statistical Research, Inc., in advance of the construction of a joint City of Tucson/Pima County courts building. In addition to some prehistoric remains and foundations, privies, and trash deposits from late nineteenth and early twentieth century domestic and commercial use of the project area, the site includes most of the land that was used as Tucson's National Cemetery from the 1860s to the 1880s. This was the first cemetery established in Tucson after southern Arizona became a part of the United States. It consisted of a small military section from which most of the burials were removed in 1884, and a larger civilian cemetery used by the primarily Hispanic population of Tucson. It is estimated that between 1120 and 1150 individuals were buried in the cemetery. Pima County has two goals for the project: 1) the respectful removal and reburial of all human remains within the project area, and 2)the development of an important contribution to our understanding of Tucson's transformation from Native American village to modern, multicultural city. The website, which is updated monthly, includes copies of the background reports for the project, progress reports, photos, and maps.

The Museum of Underwater Archaeology

URL: http://www.uri.edu/mua
Organization: The Museum of Underwater Archaeology
Region: united states
Comments: The Museum of Underwater Archaeology is dedicated to encouraging and assisting professional, student, and avocational underwater archaeologists to publish their research online.

St. Eustatius Center for Archaeological Research

URL: http://www.secar.org
Organization: SECAR-The St. Eustatius Center for Archaeological Research
Region: north america
Comments: St. Eustatius (or Statia) was the primary trans-shipment center between Europe, the West Indies and the Americas between 1760 and 1800. For much of the American Revolution, Holland and France supplied US forces with much needed arms and ammunition through this port. Finally, the existence of the United States was first recognized by a foreign power here in November 1776 when a salute was fired to the USS Andrew Doria. Although the island is only 7 km by 5 km (5 miles by 2 miles), there are over 90 documented plantation sites, 600 warehouse ruins, six church sites, numerous urban domestic and commercial structures (houses, taverns, brothels, stores, printing presses etc), 20+ fortifications, and an estimated 200+ shipwrecks located on and around the island. As a result, the island is considered to have the densest concentration of colonial period artifacts and sites for any location of comparable size anywhere in the world. Also, pre-historic sites are some of the best preserved in the Caribbean. A wide range of archaeological projects have been undertaken since 1979 by the College of William and Mary (USA), Leiden University (The Netherlands), and the Institute of Archaeology, University College London (UK). The St. Eustatius Center for Archaeological Research (SECAR) has been established on the island as a permanent research facility designed to permit a continuous excavation program during the entire year. Many US and UK universities allow academic credit to be earned through participation in SECAR projects. We are currently working on the possible site of Free Black Village just on the outskirts of Oranjestad. Recent projects have included discovery of a colonial Jewish Ceremonial Bath or Mikveh at Synagogue Honen Dalim (one of the oldest in the New World) and a Pottery Production site on Oranje Bay, and the first paleopathological study of a leper asylum anywhere in the New World. Similar projects are ongoing. Underwater archaeological programs may be under way as well.

Chinese In Montana

URL: http://www.cas.umt.edu/anthro/anth495cim/
Organization: Chinese in Montana
Region: nw us
Comments: Over the course of the next few years, Chris Merritt, University of Montana Ph.D. Student will begin to accumulate a database of Chinese archaeological and historical sites across the state of Montana. Merritts dissertation will focus on documenting the Chinese experience of Montana through both history and archaeology. Many Montanans do not know the scale of influence that the Chinese had on shaping Montana history, and this project is first systematic attempt to document this heritage. Working in partnership with the Montana State Historic Preservation Office, the United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and numerous private land owners, Merritt will travel the state and record sites and stories relating to the Chinese in Montana.

The Organisation of International Trade in Iceland and Shetland (ca. 1400-1700)

URL: http://www.dainst.org/index.php?id=8202&sessionLanguage=en
Organization: Roman-Germanic Commission / German Archaeological Institute
Region: europe
Comments: The website provides information on a project researching the trade of english and hanseatic merachants with Iceland and Shetland during the period of ca. 1400 to 1700. The main research questions are the development, operation and impact of European trade in two key areas in the north Atlantic  Iceland and Shetland. Around the start of the fifteenth century European merchant vessels began to push into the Atlantic. While the Spanish and Portuguese merchants began venturing westwards and southwards, English and Hanseatic vessels turned towards the north. The central issue to be examined is the changing manner in which the trade between merchants from commercialized countries and those from subsistence economies took place, within the context of colonialism and mercantilism.

University of Nebraska Library Center for Digital Research in the Humanities

URL: http://cdrh.unl.edu/cubanbattlefields/
Organization: Cuban Battlefields of the Spanish-Cuban-American War
Region: north america
Comments: Cuban battlefields presents an overview of the Spanish-Cuban-American War of 1898. Modern and historic maps and photographs are used to illustrate continuity and change of the battlefields around Santiago de Cuba. Field visits in 2005 are the basis of modern evaluation of the sites and battlefields of the 1898 war.


URL: http://www.africanamericanspringfield.org/
Organization: Archaeology of the Free African American Community of Springfield
Region: se us

University of Denver, Department of Anthropology

URL: http://portfolio.du.edu/amache
Organization: The Archaeology of Japanese American Internment at Amache, Colorado
Region: united states
Comments: The Granada Relocation Center was home to over 10,000 individuals of Japanese descent during World War II. Better known as Amache, the site contains remarkably intact evidence of life in the internment camp, with building foundations, surface artifacts, and internee-created landscaping. Since 2005, the University of Denver (DU), Department of Anthropology has led a community-based heritage project at Amache and the associated Amache museum in Granada, Colorado. Grounded in community collaboration, the DU Amache Project provides needed expertise while creating a forum for training students in historical archaeology, museum studies, and engaged anthropology. The project website provides information to Amache stakeholders, the general public, and the academic community, including results of past research and opportunities to join in future work.

Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest

URL: http://www.poplarforest.org/archaeology-at-poplar-forest/
Organization: Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest
Region: se us
Comments: This website provides a comprehensive introduction to the archaeology of Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, including information on current research; past projects; student internships; technical reports; volunteer opportunities; and the annual Summer Field School in Historical Archaeology run through the University of Virginia. Website visitors are able to learn about Jefferson's retreat home as well as the broader landscape and plantation communities of Poplar Forest by selecting from a wide variety of online applications, which include descriptive imagery and text; interactive exhibits; podcasts; and video updates.


URL: http://www.histarch.uni-kiel.de/
Organization: Historische Archaologie (open-access online journal)
Region: Worldwide
Comments: "Historische Archaologie" is a german online journal presenting bilingual papers (german - english). Its time frame ranges from the 14th/15th century until today. Geographically the journal focuses on papers from German-speaking Europe and adjacent states, building bridges to eastern Central Europe and to Scandinavia.

KL Stutthof Museum

URL: http://www.stutthof.pl/english/node/147
Organization: The KL Stutthof Archaeological Resources Protection and Preservation Program
Region: europe
Comments: The KL Stutthof Archaeological Resources Protection and Preservation Program is formed to reconstruct the past in the absence of written records and prevent archaeological site destruction caused by activities associated with natural forces, deliberate vandalism or looting, and through inadvertent and unintentional damage caused by site visitation.

Whitewater PoW Camp Archaeology Project

URL: http://www.whitewaterpowcamp.com
Organization: Whitewater PoW Camp Archaeology Project
Region: canada
Comments: The Whitewater PoW Camp Archaeology Project is investigating a Second World War internment camp built in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, Canada. Occupied from 1943 to 1945, the camp held 450 German Afrika Korps soldiers captured in Egypt after the Second Battle of El-Alamein.

Landscape Archaeology Resources and Bibliography

URL: http://www.anthro.illinois.edu/faculty/cfennell/syllabus/anth453/453syllabus.html
Organization: Landscape Archaeology Resources and Bibliography
Region: Worldwide
Comments: Landscape archaeology and analysis resource links, bibliography and course plan.

Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory

URL: http://www.contemp-hist-arch.ac.uk/
Organization: Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory (CHAT)
Region: Worldwide

Archaeology of Graveyards

URL: http://www.liv.ac.uk/sace/research/projects/graveyards/index.htm
Organization: University of Liverpool, UK
Region: Worldwide
Comments: The site presents information about graveyard recording projects, mainly in the Britsih Isles and Ireland but with studies of the global Ulster Scots diaspora. More data will be added (as web pages and downloadable pdf files) as the project progresses.

Fort St. Joseph Archaeology Project

URL: http://www.wmich.edu/fortstjoseph/
Organization: Fort St. Joseph Archaeology Project
Region: united states
Comments: Fort St. Joseph was established as a French Jesuit mission in the 1680s. In the first half of the eighteenth century the fort also began to take on roles as a garrison and trading post. Its strategic location along the St. Joseph river near Lake Michigan made it an excellent location for trade between the French and Native Americans, specifically the Potowatomi and Miami. The fort came under British control in 1761, during the French and Indian War. This occupation was short-lived as the British were forced out of the area during Pontiac's Rebellion in 1763. The fort was only briefly re-occupied by the British in 1779, though French traders remained in the area until approximately 1780. In 1781 a small group of French and Native Americans supported by the Spanish governor of St. Louis raided the fort and claimed it for Spain, but the group only remained at the site for a day. After this incident the fort was largely abandoned. Today the Fort St. Joseph Project is a joint initiative of the City of Niles, MI, and Western Michigan University with goals to excavate, interpret, and preserve the materials remains of the fort. The project is dedicated to archaeological research, education, community service learning, and intensive public outreach. The principal investigator of the site is Dr. Michael Nassaney.

Pottery Communities of Edgefield, South Carolina

URL: http://www.histarch.uiuc.edu/Edgefield/
Organization: Pottery Communities of Edgefield, South Carolina Pottery Communities
Region: north america
Comments: The first innovation and development of alkaline-glazed stoneware pottery in America occurred in the Edgefield District of South Carolina in the early 1800s. It remains an enduring mystery as to how these new ceramic methods were developed in that place and time, and how the techniques of clay choice, temper, and glaze developed over the following century. These potteries employed enslaved and free African-American laborers in the 19th century, and the stoneware forms also show evidence of likely African cultural influence on stylistic designs. Edgefield potteries thus present fascinating research questions of understanding technological innovations and investigating the impacts of African cultural knowledge and racial ideologies on a craft specialization during the historic period in America. This project entails an interdisciplinary, collaborative, and archaeological study of the first development in America of alkaline-glazed stoneware pottery forms, the development of that South Carolina industry over time, and the impacts of racism and African cultural influences on those processes.

Teaching Ludlow CO

URL: http://www.teachludlowco.com/dotnetnuke/
Organization: Teaching Ludlow CO, An Archaeological Teaching Tool
Region: north america